Favorite highlighter for very fair skin?

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  1. I've been searching for a cream highlighter for my very fair (MAC NC15), slightly yellow/beige toned skin. Everything I try, no matter how light it looks in the packaging, just blends right in with my skin. Either that, or the tone is too pinky for me (I don't have pink tones in my skin). Does anyone have any recommendations? I do prefer a cream formulation because I get quite dry on my cheeks, which is one of the main areas I like to highlight.

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. It's not a cream, but Kevyn Aucoin's Celestial Powder in Candlelight is fantastic! My skin is moderately fair and pretty dry. It applies beautifully and leaves a very natural and dewy finish that looks just like perfect skin!
  3. I have extremely fair skin and neutral (to beige/yellow leaning) skin, as well as pretty dry skin.

    My suggestion is also not a cream, but this product is so beautiful and finely milled, it could work for you. It's Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter (Pressed). Pearl is my favorite and Moonstone is also really beautiful.

    Maybe go to a Sephora or Ulta to try it out? They have a great return policy, if you decide you don't like it. You could also look it up on YouTube to see how it looks. Just type in 'fair skin highlighter' and a bunch of videos pops up.

    Ps- I just looked at the sephora website and they have a cream/liquid version. I've never tried this formula, so I can't speak on it.
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  4. Thanks ladies! I bought the Becca one today and I love it! Great recommendations! :smile:

  5. Oh, great!! I'm so glad you love it!

    Which one did you end up getting (powder vs liquid, color)?
  6. I got the cream formulation in the shade pearl! Going to a formal event tonight and I feel like it gives me the perfect bit of highlight! Noticeable but still natural. I also bought the powder in Moonstone to use as a bit of a finishing shimmer on cheeks/neck/chest. Soooo beautiful.

    Thanks again for the recommendation!


  7. pbmuffin, you are stunning!! And your red hair!
    And your dress! I'm so glad these worked for you!

    I'll have to give the cream a shot as well. Have fun tonight!!
  8. I wanted to add that first, your makeup looks amazing and I wouldn't change a thing, but do you ever like to contour?

    I have pretty much the same skin tone you do, and omg the NYX Taupe Blush is my holy grail for a little contour.

    I used to use bronzer (which is too brown and can make me look 'dirty'), until I found the NYX taupe. It's very cool toned, looks grey in the pan, but on your skin it's perfect! It's very subtle/natural, but build-able! Don't be fooled by the way it looks, it's truly a game changer in my makeup routine!

    Plus it like $2-3!

    This YouTub-er turned me on to it.

  9. You are too kind! Thank you for the compliments! I don't really contour much - mainly because I've had trouble finding a shade I like. I sweep a very light bit of bronzer beneath my cheekbones but I'd love to get a bit more in-depth with contour. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely give it a shot. I have some NYX makeup and it's an insane value for the price!
  10. Benefit cosmetics high beam liquid highlighter
  11. Does anyone know the brand of the 2nd contour? I couldn't catch what she said. Also do you know who she is? Thank you
  12. After watching this (especially in winter now when I'm so pale) I realize how little I know about using makeup! I need help lol. She did amazing job
  13. Yay so glad you got becca. I have it too and I have fair skin. Its an amazing highlight
  14. I am Nars SG Siberia, so lighter than NC15 with neutral undertones. I love Kevyn Aucoin contour powder in light. They have a shade for us now, finally. Just wanted to share my experience. I also love becca highlight. and for bronzer there is benefit hole lite now. I am in makeup heaven haha
  15. Try Pixi by Petra Glow-y Powder in London Lustre. I have a fair skin and am using it currently.