Favorite Hermes Color

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favorite hermes color

  1. black, brown, gold

  2. blue (blue jean, blue roi, thalassa, indigo, sapphir)

  3. red (braise, rouge H, rouge VIF, etc)

  4. others (please specify

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. black
    brown (choco, cocoan, etc)
    gray (anthracite, etc)
    red (braise, rouge H, rouge VIF, etc)
    blue (thalassa, blue jean, bleu roi, sapphir, etc)
    green (emerald, apple green, etc)
    yellow (yellow, marigold, etc)
    white (white, poudre, beige)
    pink-purple (fuschia, cyclamen, violet, etc)
    orange (potiron, orange, etc)
  2. Gold
    Blue Jeans
    Miel (croc)
  3. 1) Blue jeans.. The color matches with almost every outfit.

    2) Portiron.. It is so rich and it's ORANGE! what more do i have to say...
  4. My favourites are all the "neutrals": gold and all the shades of brown, black and blue jean. For croc I like Braise and Miel and Matte brown..:smile:
  5. I think if I had a favorite I would not have so much trouble trying to figure out what I am buying next. I change my mind between three or four all the time. (even with everyone's help)
  6. My top vote was for the rouge, but miel and bleu roi are close behind.
  7. blue jean is my favorite but I'd take a pink shade or orange shade too!
  8. I like:
    Orange ostrich
    Blue jean ostrich
    Fuschia chevre
    Gold clemence/chevre
  9. I Love'em All!!!!!!
  10. -Gold:love:
    -Vert anis
  11. Gold
    Rouge VIF
    Thalassa Blue
  12. Gold
    Blue Jean
    Rouge Hermes
    Rouge Vif
    Vert Anis
  13. blue jean
    chocolate croc
  14. Hermes Rouge
    Rouge Vif
    Vert Anis
  15. Hermes Rouge