Favorite Hermes Accessory

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  1. Aside from scarves, what is your favorite Hermes accessory? And why?:flowers:
  2. My pink enamel PH H bracelet. It's so pratical and fits so well.
  3. My enamel bracelet. I wear it every day! :yes:
  4. Their charms and key chains. I like how they can "personalize" a bag and I use the key chains to dress up my other handbags just for fun too.
  5. i say their bracelets!
  6. The Cape Cod watch in the larger, men's size with the double wrap strap. I have a few different straps and it is really fun to change the look of the watch by switching around the various straps.....but, of course, my favorite is the barenia.
  7. I'd say my bracelet, entwined metal and leather (don't know the name).
  8. Right now it's my silver Heart cadena!
  9. my enamel bracelets
  10. Sarah-girl, would you mind posting photos? I'm thinking about getting this watch and would love to see which straps you've chosen. Thank you! :girlsigh:
  11. Collier de chien cuff
  12. vintage Medeor bracelet in camel and 24k gold; also my collier de chien belt which i can just fit into 8 months after giving birth! the necklace and bracelet i have too are great with jeans or to add a bit of zazz to a black dress (sorry can't remember what they are called - gift from husband).
    ebay 149.jpg
  13. My chaine d'amour heart charm.
  14. My azap wallet! I use and love it every day! Next would be the bracelets I have...
  15. My Farandole bracelet and Happi MM bracelet!