Favorite Healthy Snack?

  1. I'd have to say fruit (strawberries, apples, and oranges are my fave) would be my healthiest snack...how about you guys?
  2. Lately, my DH has been making smoothies in HIS new blender (I haven't been able to touch it since buying it!).

    Anyway, he makes them with strawberries, bananas, honey and a little bit of ice. They really are good and it's something our 12 year old likes in place of junk food - so that's always good!
  3. I tried chocolate protein powder blended through silken tofu and set in the fridge.
    It was in a mag and sounded a bit off, but it's YUMMY... like a chocie moose but low fat, high potein.
    Quite decedant...
  4. Nuts and Cheese

  5. I am into Kashi bars lately....that, and almonds. I bought some grapes this weekend, and was going to freeze them, but it turns out that they have seeds in them. Dang it!
  6. Oohhh I love frozen grapes. That is a great summer snack.....
  7. mmmmm. Yummy! I love that cold crunch into a frozen grape!

    I like ricecakes-are they considered healthy or junky? Maybe I thought they were junky because i can eat bags and bags of them :yes: :Push:
  8. i looooooooove a nice apple, no skin, straight out of the fridge - yummy! and i also love the 100 calorie packs, they take stuff like pringles and ritz chips and put them in packs where there's only 100 calories worth. it stops me from binging and lets me have some of my fave snacks.
  9. I love those! Just enough crunch or sweet or salty to keep you going.
  10. Luna bars and wow there are so many different flavors!! I am also trying to stick with nuts (almonds, walnuts, or cashews) and fruit (mainly apples, apricots, or anything I can toss in my bag easily!).
  11. Luna Bars, some of my own chex mix sort of thing, starbucks! ha
  12. OREA THINSENSATION!!!!! I know this is considered junk but its better then the regualr oreo...........and pretty close to as healthy as I'll get~
  13. They are only 100 calories I believe per each bag so that is not bad at all

  14. I usually go for a small cute of light fruit cocktail (only 50 calories), but I have tried fat free Pringles and those are quite good. They taste exactly like the regular ones. A serving of 15 chips is only 70 calories. It's true they have olestra in them, but I haven't had any of the stomach trouble that people associate with olestra. I think the possible side effects of olestra are a bit exaggerated. Maybe you'd get a stomach upset if you ate the whole can of Pringles in one sitting, but I don't think a normal serving size will make anyone sick.

    My dad is diabetic, and he's always had a sweet tooth. He recently tried Slim-A-Bear No Sugar Added ice cream bars, and he says they're awesome. They're made by the company that makes Klondike bars. They have the Klondike style bars, but they also have these ice cream sandwich type bars too. They're also perfect for people on Weight Watchers. They're only 2 points per bar.
  15. Ooh! Right now I am snacking on quakers quakes Rice snacks in kettle corn...sweet, salty and crunchy (not sure if it's THAT healthy tho! ;))