Favorite Handbag Ad ft. Celebrities!

  1. This was inspired by the "Lindsay Lohan in LV ads" thread.

    What's everyones favorite designer/handbag ad ft. (or not) a celebrity?

    likeafeather77 showed me this link [http://jozworld.club.fr/louis-vuitton.html]. Scarlett Johansson just looks so gorgeous in the LV ads! Also a fan of Christina Ricci [heartheart].

  2. Great link! ScarJo looks lovely as always. I love her classic Blonde Bombshell looks.
  3. I like the LV ads Uma did :biggrin: The one with Gisele and the Onatah is cool too, but I like the bag more than the model :lol:
  4. ^ I like the one with Gisele too!
  5. my fave LV ads are the christina ricci (just cuz i love her.....i'd love her ina sack) and the fairy tale ones (the snow white and the seven dwarves ad and the alice in wonderland ad)
  6. i really loved the ones nicole kidman did for chanel a couple years ago. so classy! but i think they were more for the #5 fragrance than the accessories lines...
  7. I liked the Uma Thurman ads.