Favorite hand and body lotions?

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  1. Mine are:

    Oil of Olay in shower body lotion
    Vaseline hand lotions

    I like to keep it simple with my hand and body lotions. No exotic fragrances or anything $$$. Some really perfumey lotions can leave my hands a wierd after-feeling sometimes. Anything from the drug store does the trick!

    What's yours favorites?
  2. cake beauty velveteen hand cream
    fresh sugar hand treatment
  3. i love astral cold cream (its nicer than nivea) and cuticura hand cream.
  4. My hands are terrible, really cracked on the tips of the fingers. The Body Shop HemP Hand Cream is the only thing that helps more so than anything I've been given by my GP.
  5. I like Essie's coconut and pineapple hand smoothies (smells so good!) and I generally use Body Shops Body Butters for the rest of my body. They are really good for dry skin.
  6. I love Bath & Body Work's Wild honeysuckle hand lotion. It smells sooooo good.
  7. L'Occitane cream. My dermatologist told me to always use a cream, because lotions have to much water in them.

  8. VS Love Spell or Vanilla...
    Its what I've used since Jr High and I still love it!!

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  9. I love love Johnson and Johnson baby lotion in the pink bottle, or I really love coco butter, something about the smell reminds me of the beach.
  10. neck down my skin is drier than the Sahara. I'm using Lindi Skin body lotion (and wash, face moisturiser, serum, eye cream... ok so I bought the whole line!) and its like putting on a silk dress, no more itchies, no more dryness. I'm soft soft soft and COMFORTABLE for a change!! Theres a slight fragrence but its very mild and natural and dies out very quickly (as its supposed to) for those of us who do not like scented lotions or products.
  11. Burts Bees Almond Hand Cream
    Olay Quench Body
  12. La Mer body cream paired with the body serum for winter, and just the serum when it's warmer. Everything else gives me these hideous little red bumps.
  13. On my body I use Nivea firming and Nivea smoothing on my legs (love the smell!) and on my hands I use either Nivea hand cream, Oil of Olay hand cream or if they're really dry, Uremol 10. I also like Bath & Body works lotions.
  14. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter.

    I hate everything else in that store but that lotion.
  15. aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion