Favorite H scarves to wear with red? pink? khaki? navy? silver?

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  1. I just bought my first H scarf a few months ago - Les Beaux Jours de Bonsai - and I am smitten! I'd like to acquire another two or three more in a careful way, meaning that I would like the colors/designs to be very versatile and work with a lot of my wardrobe.

    There are so many wonderful designs! Here are the colors I wear a lot - I was wondering if you might be willing to share your favorite scarves that you wear with these:





    Silver (jewelry) - I ask about this because it seems like there are quite a few scarves that work well with gold jewelry, but not as many that have silver/grey in them. I actually do wear more gold than silver, but occasionally it's nice to do something different.

    I realize that there is an enormous variety of options and styles, but I'd love to have some inspiration from you all!
  2. A hot pink or a pale pink?

    How about one versatile, "workhorse" scarf that has all the colors you mention in it? If anyone can do it and make it sing, Hermes can!

    If you were thinking hot pink rather than pale pink, for example, I could recommend the 'La Fabrique des Rubans' on the top right:


    It's hard to tell from photos but among other colors it has a navy, deep pink, red and a bit of white (to pull the khaki and silver jewelry in--also a camel color to pull khaki or gold jewelry in!) Crazy beautiful!

    If a lighter pink, I'm thinking the current season's Au Couer de la Vie in cw 15? Or--maybe better--De la Mer au Ciel, cw 09 seems to have every color you list including khaki (haven't seen it in person, though)!
  3. Thank you for the suggestions! It doesn't have to be the same scarf, but I do love what you've suggested! I was also thinking the Point d'Orgue in violet - I love dark purple and navy together, and it has some of the other colors.
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    I'm trying to give advice generally as well as selecting scarves you should actually find easily in the stores now. I def think you can get away with buying just a couple of scarves to wear with all sorts of combos of these colours


    I recommend keeping away from greens apart from olive or other yellow toned greens because otherwise it can look a bit Christmasy

    Red on red can work, even if they're not the same red (which doesn't always work for blues) it will actually look softer than a strongly contrasting scarf.

    High contrasts like wearing a black or a white scarf will look dynamic, it will emphasise the strength of the red

    Check this H Cube red out if you can work oranges too http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/first-scarf-862535.html

    It's enough to lift it from red you're wearing with the additional benefit of working with silver jewellery and khaki or navy clothes but of course you'll have to find something else to wear with pink

    Another one to look out for is Collier de Chien 15 as it's another than works with silver, reds, khakis and navy as well as cool tones browns and cream


    Depends on the pink, but I would go for a contrast or coordinating scarf cw combo (perhaps a navy or silver-grey) as too much pink is such a statement look.


    Great with navy, orange, pink or red scarves but also other neutrals like sand, beige, grey, white or cream


    I think you can wear any colour with navy, the more unlikely the more couture it looks (I'm thinking about my navy/black/brown/white Clic Clac a Pois 70 carre which is one of my go-to scarves for all seasons).

    Silver (jewelry) -

    You can use the colour grey as a foil for silver as in the red H Cube and/or MP 11, look also for the cool monotones cws, I certainly noticed that many of the cws of men's scarves use non-gold or work brilliantly with silver.

    As well as H Cube, please check out:

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  5. Have a look through the SS14 scarf thread - I think that de la mer au ciel might be a good choice - there are both bright and subdued colourways that would be suitable depending on your colouring.
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    My favorite all around shawl that works with so many wardrobe colors is Ex Libris Kimono. Whatever I am wearing, it goes ....it is about 2-3 years old, but carres can still be found in some stores or the Bay. Good luck - so much fun hunting for a great silk!:graucho:

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  7. I have just acquired the solid color "Quadrige" in Marine that I'm anxiously awaiting and this one I plan to wear with ALL the colors you mention. Since it is a solid color silk it's one of those that can work perfectly with prints and solids! A true workhorse!
  8. This is the red shawl I bought last year & it goes with so many different colours including khaki


  9. Love the colors in this!

  10. I second this, Ex Libris Kimono is a go-to for me to match a lot of different colors and bags. This one is mine and seems to have a lot of the colors you're looking for all in one scarf. I know the Ex Libris is a holy grail for many.

    Another one I really like that also combines a lot of different colors in one scarf are the Grafitti ones. That has been my favorite to wear this year cause the colorway I have has blacks, reds, greens, oranges, yellows and purples in it.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398643260.703487.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398643271.846224.jpg