Favorite Golden Globe Look

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  1. Did everyone watch the golden globes last night? anyone have a favorite celeb look?
  2. I thought Eva Longoria was flawless - dress, accessories, hair & make-up.
  3. I didn't really have a "favorite." They all looked great, but none that were really WOW to me.
  4. I agree w/ martinigirl. I'm not a fan of Eva Longoria, but her whole ensemble last night really stood out. Beautiful dress and she looked really elegant w/ minimal accessories.
  5. I've it recorded as it started at 11 pm Irish time last night so I only watched the first few mins of it. Saw Eva Longoria and she was flawless!

    Jonathan Reys Meyers really really bugged me. He's Irish (he's from Cork) and I watched the interview that Sky News did of him on the Red Carpet and he would not look at Fearne Cotton (the girl doing the questioning), he answered her questions not looking at her but instead at everything else that was going on! I did it a little bit when Juiliana Rancic from E! was interviewing him too.

    Oh yah and the fact that he spoke with a British accent really annoyed me. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Brits and I would be just as annoyed if a British or an American put on a false accent. Why can't these people be true to themselves? But I mean come on, you are from Ireland, don't put on a fake accent man! Just like Colin Farrell who puts on this really really strong Dublin accent which he never had before until he moved to Hollywood, suddenly he started talking totally different *sigh* Remember where you came from people!
  6. I thought her dress and hair was gorgeous but I did think that she could have done with a little colour on her face. I know she looked lovely and natural but I just think her face looked a bit 'flat' iykwim?

    I think Kate Beckinsale looked gorgeous as did Debra Messing. Susan Sarandon looked great - I loved her necklace.

    The worst I thought was Renee, I hated that sheer top bit! And Drew Barrymore's hair - sorry, to OTT for me.

    Angelina and Brad looked gorgeous as usual.
  7. I know it won't be everyone's favorite, but IMO, Cameron Diaz looked amazing -- the Chanel dress is gorgeous, and she always looks like she has so much fun with fashion:

  8. i agree with IrisCole Cameron Diaz looked stunning. The draping on her dress is absolutely stunning.
  9. i don't like her, but i have to admit that evan rachel wood looked fantastic last night. kate winslet, kate beckinsale, and maggie gyllenhaal round out my top dressers.
  10. i actually thought cameron looked great EXCEPT i wasn't wild about her two-tone hair. my faves:

    kate winslet (she looked amazing and seemed really sweet and down to earth)

    eva mendes
  11. Cameron Diaz's dress, hair and makeup were great. So was Penelope Cruz as always and Kate Winslet.
  12. Kate Winslet looked fab, although I wished she hadn't gushed so much during her acceptance speeches.
  13. My favorites were Angelina Jolie, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Olivia Wilde. I also really liked Rumer Willis' dress, but her hair totally clashed.
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    I normally don't like Demi Moore, but I think she looked naturally gorgeous. Nothing outrageous, just simply elegant.


    And although the dress design wasn't anything special, Freida Pinto looked beautiful [as usual]. The color was a good choice for her skin tone, and the jewelry accented the dress perfectly.

  15. I agree about Freida, she is STUNNING. So young but so classy and elegant!

    Angelina and Brad looked amazing also. What a shocker! :graucho::


    Angie's dress is TDF!

    Kate Winslet looked like she stepped right out of Old Hollywood. Very classic and beautiful! I love her! :tup:

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