Favorite Futurama line/scene?

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
I see there are a few Futurama lovers out there and thought this thread would be fun. What's your favorite line/scene?

Here are a few of mine... [Some parts aren't the exact words but I tried my best]:

Dr. Zoidberg: "Oh gooood.... I'm coming down!!!" [After the effect is going away when he gets a morphine injection.]
Leela: [Says something about Bender's cooking]
Bender: "Honey, I wouldn't talk about taste if I was wearing a lime green sweater and black boots!"
Fry: "BAM!"
Fry: I don't care. He's my friend... To the ship!
Dr. Zoidberg: What a man! I'd follow him to hell and back I would!
The episode where others think that the male sexual organ is an aphrodisiac, and everytime Fry said something, Bender would say "Wooo!!!!!"
Leela: Someone should teach you a lesson.
Captain Zapp Brannigan: Well, if it's a lesson in love, watch out. I suffer from a very sexy learning disability. What do I call it, Kif?
Kif Kroker: Ugh..."Sexlexia".

Dr. Zoidberg: I want the tactile pleasure in cutting him here...
[points his claw at Fry's neck] ... in the gonads.
Fry: [to crowd] Shhhhhh. Nobody correct him.

[the Professor is on the phone]
Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Oh how awful. Did he at least die peacefully?
To shreds you say, tsk tsk tsk. Well, how's his wife holding up?
To shreds, you say.

Bender: I was a hero to broken robots 'cause I was one of them, but how can I sing about being damaged if I'm not? That's like Christina Aguilera singing Spanish. Ooh, wait! That's it! I'll fake it!

Narrator: No one really knows when, where, or how man landed on the moon...
Fry: I do!
Narrator: ...but our Fungineers imagine it went sometihg like this.
[Animatronic whalers emerge from a lunar lander]
Animatronic whalers: [singing] We're whalers on the moon.
Animatronic gophers: We carry a harpoon.
Animatronic gophers, Animatronic whalers: But there are no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune.
Fry: That's not how it happened.
Leela: I don't see you with a Fungineering degree.

Bender: I read the script, and I think it would help my character's motivation if he was on fire.
TV Producer: Don't worry about the script. We rewrote the part to better suit your acting abilities.
Bender: Ah, so now my character has a British accent?
TV Producer: No, now your character's in a coma. Get in bed and don't move.

Fry: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get biz-zay.
[listens to "Baby Got Back" on his stereo; Leela turns it off]
Leela: Fry, you can't just sit here in the dark and listen to classical music!
Fry: I could've if you didn't turn
on the lights and shut off the stereo!
Someone in another forum mentioned the scene where Fry's dog was waiting for him . . . . I cried watching that scene!

(I think Fry was right in not cloning his dog. The new, cloned dog wouldn't be the same dog Fry had always known!)
i LOVE the early episode where he realised that alhtough he's going to the future and might started a new career, he still ends up being a delivery man :roflmfao: the destiny plays a joke with him
Favorite episodes: "Roswell That Ends Well," "300 big boys," "Spanish fry"

favorite all time lines:

Lur (The Alien from Omicron Persei 8): To his wife, "I think I will have Fry's lower horn jerked" (in reference to cooking and eating fry's "lower horn")

Bender (off camera): "It's used to it. Whooooooo!"
Hermes and Dr. Zoidberg are sitting at the round table. Leela, Fry, and Bender take off in the ship, and make a big hole in the ceiling. Hermes and Dr. Zoidberg both turn their heads to see what happened and Hermes yells at Dr. Zoidberg "That's coming out of YOUR paycheck!!!" [Dr. Zoidberg starts crying.]

The episode where the Professor invents the "What If" machine: Leela asks what it would be like if she was a bit more predictable [can't remember if it was unpredictable], she kills everyone one by one. The funniest part was when they were all in the room trying to solve who was doing the killing, the lights switch off and there's one more person dead each time. :P
Fry: So I guess without jobs, we'll be fugitives forever.
Farnsworth: Not necessarily. Are you three, by any chance, interested in becoming my new spaceship crew?
Bender: New crew? W-What happened to the old crew?
Farnsworth: Oh, those poor sons of b- but that's not important. The important thing is I need a new crew.

Bender: You really want a robot for a friend?
Fry: Yeah, ever since I was six.
Bender: Well, okay. But I don't want people thinking we're robo-sexuals, so if anyone asks, you're my debugger.

Fry: Can I ask you a question?
Leela: As long as it's not about my eye.
Fry: Uh...
Leela: Is it about my eye?
Fry: Sort of.
(Fry's question ends up being, "What's with the eye?")
How could I have missed this thread???? Futurama was and still is one of my favorite shows. I must admit and I KNOW I'm a terrible mother for this, but my son ADORES the show! He's 5...I knew I had to start limiting his exposure to it when he told my soon-to-be ex-husband to "bite my shiny metal ass." I know, I know--I'm a horrible mom, but I did laugh.:shame:

Thinking of Futurama is kind of bittersweet for me. It was one of the shows my husband and I watched and loved together.:sad: We used to joke that we were Fry and Leela. I guess maybe we are more like them than we ever knew--he's a complete moron and I agree that he's a complete moron(but I do have two eyes).

A few favorite lines off the top of my head(I apologize if they aren't quite correct):

Morbo: (Mrs. Morbo's fixing his tie) It's fine, it's fine....I will destroy you!

Linda: How is your family Morbo?
Morbo: Belligerent and numerous.

Fry: It's hot! The butter in my pocket is melting!!

"Jurassic Bark" is also one of my favorite episodes. I also love "The Farnsworth Parabox," "The Sting," "300 Big Boys," "Parasite's Lost," and "Time Keeps on Slippin'." But my all-time favorite episode is "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings." It was the final episode and it made me cry.

NEW SEASON UPDATE: As of 12/12/06, according to creator David X. Cohen, they are halfway through writing the new season and starting work on animation. It's going to be awhile before we ever get to see the new episodes, but I'll rest better just knowing Futurama is being resurrected.
Argh. My memory SUCKS!!! I'm trying to describe everything as clearly as possible.

[The news anchors are talking about turtles migrating to the Galapagos Islands.]
Linda: [States something about windmills.]
Morbo: [angrily] Windmills do not work that way! Goodnight!

[Linda the news anchor is talking about Leela being blamed for being the first person to eat a Poppler, and states her full name.]

Fry: Turanga?
Amy: Yeah, that's her name, Philip!
Bender: *spits out milk* Philip?!?!?!?

Bender: I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways. By force!
(The robots gasp. Cartridge Unit takes out a cartridge that says "What?!" and puts it in)
Cartridge Unit: What?!
Bender: We're going back to civilization to wage war on technology!
(Cartridge Unit ejects the cartridge then puts it back in again)
Cartridge Unit: What?!

[I nearly died laughing when I saw this for the first time.]:

Lisa: What Cartridge Unit means is the very things that make us obsolete also make us unique. I, for example, need to keep refilling my waterwheel or I'll power down forever. (Her wheel runs dry and she panics) (screaming) Oh, God! I'll never make it this time! This is the end! (She runs down the beach and into the sea. The wheel refills and she walks out) (talking) Anyway, we like it here.

Bender: Mirrors reflecting mirrors? High-tech sorcery!