Favorite Foundation Brand?

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  1. I've been fighting the need to use foundation for years, but have recently caved in.
    I always thought that foundation had to be thick and pancakey and would automatically make me break out.
    Then after a massage one day, the Elizabeth Arden makeup artist introduced me to a lightweight mousse foundation (they offered a free comp.makeup application). I liked it and bought it, but i find that the scent bothers me a bit (don't like anything too perfumey).
    For X-mas my friend gave me Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and I like that one too.. but I feel unsure because of my lack of experience.....
    I was just wondering, what foundation do you use?
  2. At the moment I am using YSL Tent Eclat De Soie, good coverage but not pancakey :smile:
  3. Mac
  4. I JUST bought Lancome's "MAGIQUE MATTE" and I love it! I apply it with the "PETIT PRECISION CHEEK BRUSH #21". It was a pricey combo but I only use a very tiny dab of it and it covers nicely so it will last a while. It doesn't look cakey and it covers nicely (I double checked with my harshest critic...my mother...I may be 34 but she still criticizes me like I'm 10...and she went to get it for herself!)
  5. Armani--pricy but great:heart:
  6. i recently tried Revlon's Colorstay Softflex and its great..good coverage and everything...give it a try...doesn't cost much..
  7. I use either KatieB cosmetics liquid mineral makeup or Suzanne Somers spray on foundation. I like them both. :yes:
  8. Bobbi brown compact foundation is the best for me
  9. nars, bobbi brown and shu uemura :yes:
  10. Chanel tinted moisturizer.
  11. I have tried just about everything but my absolute favourite is Giorgio Armani, it makes your skin look so radiant!
  12. I have tried nearly every single brand and type of foundation over the years in my quest to find the best one and right now it is MAC studio fix fluid. I LOVE IT! :yahoo:
  13. Dior skin airflash. Sprays right on for perfect result.
  14. laura mercier tinted moisturizer, lancome, just started expeimenting with BM
  15. i like the laura mercier tinted moisturizer too which i use pretty much everyday. i also have a clinique foundation which i like, but id like something not quite as sheer.
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