Favorite Foreign Phrases

  1. English
    • Phwoar - similar to 'schawing!' It sounds odd in an American accent, but it's hilarious when said correctly.
    • Cockney Rhyming Slang - I only understand Apples and Pears (stairs) but if it's used in a sentence, I can usually figure it out. I remember the scene in Austin Powers Goldmember where Austin is talking to his dad and the conversation is subtitled. I could make out about half of what they were saying. They completely lost me when ? ? ? ? showed on the bottom of the screen.
    • Blimey - I say this sometimes, but it's mostly in jest.
    • Oi! - I start my e-mails to my dad this way.
    • Wanker - "But don't talk to them; they're wankers" sounds funny.

    Then there are phrases like "piss off" and "bloody hell" and "stupid git."
  2. Lol, I love 'Wanker'. It reminds me of little britain and the streets for some reason. Oh, and Kent Paul from the GTA games.
  3. i come from the north east and we have some of the strangest sayings.
    why-ay man(spelling?)=yes, of corse
    mint= chav saying means great (lush is the same thing)
    these are all geordie terms (people from newcastle) im a mackem (someone from sunderland) we are rival cities.
    ill try think of some more.
  4. i hate phwoar, it makes my head want to implode :push:

    wanker is a fantastic word. i use wanky far too often.

    my favourite word (although i can't say it's particularly foreign to me) is that great old finnish word: perkele. my very favourite swear word, it technically means devil but its best and most descriptive definition is probably the one i heard from one of my father's friends: satan's grandfather.

  5. Well, I often sigh and say, "C'est la vie." ;)
  6. Ciao Bella!
  7. Snog annoys me. It sounds like it should mean something a lot dirtier than just 'kiss.'

    Jeff on Coupling said 'result!' which I found funny.

    In French, I like "n'est pas."
  8. I lived in England from when I was three to when I was five and I picked up a slight accent. My parents told me I used to call people a 'big fat welly.'
  9. Lol, we use perkele as well - adopted from finnish. It was particularily popular after a tv-show a couple of years ago where there was a finnish caracter who said it all the time, and after that, everybody started using it. Brilliant word.
  10. Bienvenue(meaning welcome in french). I just love the sound of it, lol!
  11. I love 'wanker' hahah :biggrin:
  12. :yes:
  13. well, I am chinese so I say "Ai Ya" a lot when i hurt myself, or made a mistake or did some stupid silly things. Then back in school my american friends started using that phase too!
  14. I like saying something "has that certain je nais se quois". I also like "schadenfreude". All British-isms rock, IMO.
  15. i can't spell it any more, but i say "on ee va" quite a bit. it's the the equivalent of "let's go" in french. i also say quel suprise in a sarcastic tone...probably more than i should really. it sounds ridiculous i'm sure, but it's habit at this point. and i do the *sigh* "c'est la vie" thing. a lot. guess that highschool french comes in handy.