Favorite fashion magazine pics!

  1. I am obsessed with fashion and subsequently, fashion magazines. I can spend hours looking at gorgeous photos taken by masters. Their beauty and innovation inspires me. Some of my favorite photographers are Steven Meisel, Irving Penn and Patrick Demarchelier.

    What are your favorite photos from fashion mags? (post pics if you can!)

    My current favorite is taken from this month's Vogue. It's taken by Steven Meisel of model Coco Rocha. I think it's so stunning that I bought two copies of the magazine, one to look at work and one for home. Here it is!
  2. Great pic, very painting-like!
  3. Come on people! I'm sure some of you have favorite fashion photographs!:tup:
    Here's another one I love: the cover of last September's Vogue of Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette. That whole spread was breathtaking!
  4. Glamazon, I am obsessed with fashion too. My favorite spreads were when W came in newspaper format-do you remember those? I used to use the sheets as gift wrap because they were so artistic.
  5. Any spread with Linda Evangelista is going to be good. She really knows how to pose in unique and dramatic ways no one else can duplicate.
  6. Of course I remember those! hehe
    I love W's large layouts, the photos look fantastic:tup:
    And Linda is gorgeous:heart:
  7. Zink magazine

    I usually love their stuff but the sept 2007 issue kinda turned me off them due to some "models" display of "pedofilia" (models that look like children in compromising positions). Their stuff is good, but that issue with those pages... there is nothing "artistic" about them!
  8. ^^ Wow that's a very compromising position!