Favorite Fall Prada Bag??

  1. OK..Just for fun..Post a pic of your absolute FAVE Fall Prada bag....or even an accessory!:supacool: Cant wait to see what everyone picks as their fave...HHMMMM..I must think on it too....LOL...
  2. [​IMG]..Ok...OUT of all my purchases..This is my #1 pick!!
  3. Got to agree with you Jill, I love that Prada bag! To me Prada was going downhill, but with this Fall season, wow, I am amazed!
  4. I'm with you Jill!! :yes: I love the antic cervo satchel but the gauffre satchel is even better!!! :tender: The best of Prada's fall line IMO!

  5. Omigod!...that is really beautiful! I saw this bag IRL, it's Gorgeous with a capital G!
  6. :yes: :drool:
  7. [​IMG]This will be in my posession soon enough!!!
  8. I like simple things so here is mine. This is my favorite fall Prada bag.

  9. I just love the Cervo Antic Hobo.

    Must have it. :drool:

  10. OMG!!! You take one hell of a picture, Audrey. Now I'm obsessed...:shocked: I need one....
  11. how about the gauffre frame large bag?
  12. [​IMG]