Favorite eyeshadow shade and brand.

  1. OMG, I'm addicted to make-up. It's my new obsession. The funny thing is that I never wear it but I just can't stop buying it. Everytime I go shopping I have to stop in at Sephora. I would always buy Dior eyeshadow but now I've discovered Nars.

    MY FAVORITE SHADE BY NARS IS NIGHT RIDER (soft plum with silver glitter) and SUGARLAND (glimmering apricot / lavender pink with golden sheen).

  2. I love Urban Decay eyeshadow. I bought some Chanel recently and don't like it as much. On an average day I wear Urban Decay Sin (shimmery neutral color) and Urban Decay Oil Slick (dark gray).
  3. ^^ same for me too!! i love urban decay eyeshadow. as for color, i love purples
  4. My current favorite is Mac, I forget the names but they are a shimmery pinkish-gold and a shimmery plum, also I love Mac's "Shale" and Urban Decay's "Asphyxia" and "Toasted". I love all Urban Decay colors, really. What I really love about Mac is that you can build your own "Quad".
  5. anything by NARS!! I'm in love with shades like Kalahari, Blondie, Ashes to Ashes, All About Eve and Lola Lola for natural looks.

    For something more dramatic, I adore Bohemian Gold, Habenara, Night Porter and Star Sailor..

    Pandora is also a great staple!
  6. I like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and MAC. I don't remember their names, I just mix and match them whenever I wear them and have so much fun!
  7. Too Faced Dirt Bag:

    Too Faced Starlette and Tropical Tease palettes

    Almay Intense I-color in Hazel:

    Revlon Colorstay Quad in Coffee Bean and Sandstorm
  8. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows. They're so shimmery. My favorite shades are Gash (metallic brown toned red) and Smog (deep bronze).
  9. I'm definitely a MAC gal! I always wear their browns, but I also have their holiday palettes from last year and his year and they are AWESOME.
  10. I love LORAC shadows!! They are creme-to-powder texture and are fabulous with my skin and chemistry. My favorites are Persuasion (neutral cream color for a base) and either Kiwi (light grey/green) or Pewter (shimmery deep taupe).
  11. I have SO many shadows I could go weeks upon weeks without doing the same combo. I don't even think I could pick a favorite, but it would probably be one of the 8 or so purples I own.
  12. Lately I've been using the ULTA brand eye shadows. I bought four colors on a whim b/c the deal was "buy one, get one free". It turns out, I love them. The color stays on all day. That's a first for me.

    My favorite shade is pink, followed by a pearl white color. The blue and gold are pretty, but not on me.
  13. ive only been using MAC shadows and faves so far are amber lights, fig I, woodwinked, antiqued, and of course, carbon.....
  14. OMG I have too many shadows to pick one fave! How bout top 10?! LOL
  15. The 2 i use the most are MAC "satin taupe" and "print". I use these two together. At night when i want a more dramatic look I like "carbon" and "black tied". I'm african american so during the day when i want a more natural look i use"mulch" ( shimmery brown). It's hard to pick a favorite, but if i had to it would be the blacks and the purples(my favorite color). All the colors i listed are from MAC