favorite exercise bra?

  1. I am shopping for new exercise bras that really work well during running and high impact activity. Anybody have a fav? Thanks!
  2. I have a black one by Champion that I got at Target for $20. It's super comfortable and the material absorbs sweat so I don't feel icky while working out :P It works great for all gym stuff - running, Spinning, weights, etc.
  3. Don't laugh, but my favorites are the cheap Target ones that are like $6. I used to teach aerobics (8 yrs ago) and that's all I wore!
  4. champion is great. i have the ones that have snaps in the back and really high compression because i'm busty. i used to have to wear like 3 of the cheap ones but now i can wear one. :smile: they eliminate 90% of the bounciness whilst running 12min mile pace. fab. :smile:
  5. You know, I guess it depends how much support you need. I didn't need much support, so the cheap ones worked well for me.
  6. I love the under armour reversible ones! They're really supportive (not that I acutally need it) and they come in cute colors. $45 each though...
  7. I do need support...thats the problem I keep running into! I ordered 4 different styles last night from a company called title nine. Hopefully I will find something comfy and that hold me up and in, with minimal movement! :smile: thanks for your ideas as always.
  8. Berlei Shock Absorber,all the way.I have 4!!!

    They're pretty expensive (around 40 euros each) but they stop all movement,which is what I need when I run. And which is not easy when you're as...endowed as I am.
  9. Title9 has a really good array of bras from total compression to very lightweight. I like the Moving Comfort "daylite" bra because the Small fits so well -- I am --hardly there --but is comfortable and stays put. I also like the Sugoi "narrow tank" because the built in shelf bra has a wide band that stays put but is comfortable.
  10. champion jog bras from running/sports stores are great. there's a variety with different levels of support. love 'em!
  11. I also like the Champion running bras. I buy them a bit small, for extra snug support, because I have a bit more "cargo" than the average runner. (I hate bouncing too much!)

    I've tried a lot of other brands, but I end up with the Champion bras over and over again--they are the only ones that give enough support. What works for you will depend on how much support YOU need!
  12. i have an amazing one by champion, runs about 38, it's got some amazing mesh inlay and underwire, i highly reccomend it to anyone that's larger chested.
  13. wish i had stumbled upon this thread sooner as i was just shopping for some sports bras this past weekend.. i ended up grabbing some from old navy since i don't need much support (i'm an A cup) they seem to work well for me and they're only $10/each.
  14. Under Armour rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. :shame: shame on me, cuz i don't really exersice. I think i should start.