Favorite "everyday" color?

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  1. I absolutely love my Le Pliages...I started with a navy medium about 4 1/2 years ago (gone, now). I now own two: a coral medium and a black large.

    My black is starting to show quite a bit of wear and I'm hoping to replace it by the end of the year. I am not opposed to getting another black, but I'm open to trying a new color. I'm thinking bilberry or slate?

    My wardrobe is primarily black (especially for work). My casual outfits do incorporate color, but not much. A lot of neutrals and subdued colors.

    What's your favorite "everyday" color for a Le Pliage? Any issues with it clashing with certain colors/outfits?
  2. My two colorful le plages are orange and red garance! Love them both, they are happy pops of color!
  3. How about gunmetal for fall/winter and beige for summer. Safe straightforward neutrals that go with everything but aren't black.


  4. This is my everyday color these days
  5. I like Bilberry, LOVE Amethyst and Chocolate. Too bad neither seems to be in production at the moment. Both are timeless and very much at home anywhere, any time.
  6. I was thinking of these too exact colour combo for a personalised one ie gunmetal body with beige stripe. What's your opinion? Is that too boring?

  7. This is a great idea! I didn't even consider getting one spring/summer option and one fall/winter option.
  8. Like you OP my wardrobe is subdued colors and alot of black. My personal favs are Navy Black and Bilberry. I started with the Bilberry and have been using black since last year. I will be switching to a Navy soon. (:
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