Favorite Everyday Bag??

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  1. When looking at my favorite "everyday" handbags, I just noticed that I seem to have a thing for shoulder satchels and saddle bags. I love the shoulder satchels because they usually have the lovely shape of a hand held bag, but I'm able to put it on my shoulder. I love saddle bags because they fall close to the body and the classic shape seems to never go out of style.

    What's your favorite shape:

    shoulder satchel
    saddle bag

    (Please add whatever shape I've left off!)
  2. I am obesssed with doctor's bag and tote.
    Never really a friend of bags in rounder shape...

    But that's me XD
  3. i must agree with you buttery, i also like the shoulder satchel
  4. For everyday, I prefer anything that I can carry on my shoulder, that I can leave open and is easy to get into. I also like a couple of pockets on the inside, like an open patch pocket for my cell phone and lip balm, and a zipped pocket.
  5. I like shoulder satchels but lately I've been in a hand-held everyday bag kind of phase. Right now I'm carrying a shoulder bag though.
  6. I used to go for the small bags, like my Multicolore Pochette Accessoires and Dior Trotter Saddle Pouch :amuse:. Then I liked the messenger bags like the LV Musette Salsa and Dior Rasta Saddle Messenger :P.

    Then I switched to big bags because I wanted bags I could throw everything in :blink:. I loved the hand-held bags like the Dior Boston bags, my Monogram Mat Shelton, Denim Neo-Speedy, Multicolore Trouville and Manhattan PM.

    And now I like shoulder bags :wacko:. I have a Prada Tie-Dye Hobo, a white Guccissima Medium Tote, and I'm waiting for my LV Popincourt Haut to arrive in the mail :lol:. My next shoulder bags will be a cream Chloe Paddington and a white Suhali L'Epanoui GM.

    Oh what fickle creatures we are! (or I am, at least)

    OK I'll shut up now. :shame:
  7. i like clutches... anything with a long shoulder strap is ugly
  8. For everyday, I think a shoulder satchel is great.
  9. I've always had a love affair with biggg bags, since I carry my world around with me. A thick paperback I'm reading, my Filofax, wallet, keys, sunnies, a tonne of makeup, MP3 player, sweater and sometimes my laptop if I'm using it that day. And it has to sit comfortably on my shoulders - I just hate carrying something that big and heavy on my arm. I love my Balenciaga weekenders since I literally throw everything into them and am off!
  10. I don't know what you'd call it. My favorite bags are a big slouchy, hoboish in a way, but they're more rectangular in shape, and you can put things across the bottom because there is one. LOL Strap length is crucial. It can't hit under the armpit, force my arm out, or be all that noticeable. The ideal position is about mid back.

    Confusing enough?
  11. I prefer messenger style bags so that I can keep my hands free while I'm out and about.
  12. Hobo -especially Botkier "Fan" bag.
  13. I used to like small shoulder bags a lot and recently have started getting bigger bags. I really like totes. I would like to get a few more smaller bags though, because sometimes they are just easier to carry.
  14. for an everyday bag?...definitely a a shoulder bag. i guess a shoulder satchel. i have to have my hands free.
  15. Agree- a shoulder bag -- need two hands free. (And I really don't have much going on other than "every day"....)