Favorite 'everyday' bag

  1. Please post photos of your favorite 'everyday' bag.:love:
  2. Come on Ladies! - I need some inspiration for my next purchase. For the moment, I seem to be using my Botkier Trigger the most, very handy and functional but I am a bit bored with it.
  3. I'll move this to Handbags and Purses as it's not Chanel specific.
  4. My favorite everyday bag is my Bottega Veneta woven hobo (ball bag). Here's a pic. The leather is soooooooo soft and the craftsmenship is superb! This bag comes in several colors.
  5. My two fave everday bags are the LV Batignolles Vertical and a 05 Balenciaga Hobo.
    blackb.JPG lux9.JPG
  6. My fave everyday bag tends to change every couple of weeks (I'm a huge believe in using all of my bags often!). Currently, it's my bronze Gucci:

    It's a bag that goes anywhere, from casual to going out. Fabulous!:yahoo:
  7. it's been my Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon 30 ever since i got it a month ago :love:
    papillon.jpg papillon 30 002.jpg papillon 30 001.jpg
  8. Mine for the last 4 months was my Marc Jacobs Stella in violet. Right now it's my new Mulberry Roxanne in mauve.
    MJ Stella berry R.jpg Mulberry Roxanne_mauve.jpg
  9. Love the bags, especially the Bottega. Keep the photos coming!
  10. that would be my balenciaga.
  11. I switch bags 1 to 2 times a day.....Sorry I am no help. I could definitely see myself living out of my Mono Speedy 30 if necessary though.
  12. mono speedy 30 for me!
  13. For my normal casual days (jeans, sandals OK at work unless I have meetings), my Kooba Sienna:

  14. What a beautiful bag! A bit young for me, but I think my daughter would love it
  15. I guess it really depends on whether you need a work bag or casual bag or bag that can accomplish both.

    The bag that I find myself using everyday for work is my YSL large, white muse. I thought it would be a nightmare to keep clean in NYC, but I have been able to use it everyday during the work week for the past few months without any trouble. It also transitions well if I am leaving the office and going out afterwards, and I have also used it with jeans and shorts on the weekend.