Favorite Ethnic Candy?

  1. I have a sweet tooth. Yesterday for the first time I tried really yummy Mexican candy:

    Pulparindo, flattened sugared tamarind pulp mixed with chili

    Cerezo Mazapan (crumbly peanut candy)

    I'm looking for more suggestions of candy I should try from all over the world.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Pocky from Japan. They are long biscuit stick that are coated in chocolate, strawberry, and a variety of other flavors. They're my favorite foreign candy. I actually found some in the oriental foods section of Wal-Mart. You can also order a variety of flavors from J-List.
  3. I love pocky!

    I also like the Japanese gummies, don't know the name.

    Another favorite is Turkish delight.
  4. I like Marzipan.

    From Canada, there's Mackintosh Toffee, Smarties (the chocolate ones) and Coffee Crisps.

    From Spain, there are gummi fried eggs. I LOVE those things!

    From England, there are Rowntree Fruit Gums and Maltesers.
  5. oooh oooh ooooh! Love Mexican candy. Especially dulce le leche. (those milk candy bars)
  6. I :heart: the Botan rice candies. They are soooo good!
  7. I remember those! I LOVED those! With the dissolving wrapper? YUM!
  8. I LOVE Kinder Bueno Bars and Aero chocolate.
  9. I'm also a HUGE fan of Marzipan, Smarties (they look like pastel M & Ms) and Halva from the middle east.
  10. They have smarties in Canada.
  11. Those chewy ginger candies from Asia.
  12. Me too! Ever since I was a kid!

    Also swedish berries!
  13. Chinese hard milk caramels
  14. I love sesame candy and Cadbury's Black Forest bars..and almond cookies!
  15. Ohh White Rabbits!! Milky, creamy candy wrapped in rice paper.