Favorite ebay stores?

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  1. What are your favorite ebay stores to buy off of?

    I always tend to buy off of stores from china. They always have inexpensive jewelry[under $5] that I really like.

    I bought this necklace awhile back, which looks similar to the house of harlow necklace.

    My next purchase will probably be this which looks like the jcrew bubble necklace.

    If you have an ebay store that you sell on feel free to post it here I love checking out new stores!
  2. I like luxurygaragesale and contrary to many folks disapproval around here, edropoff. I only bid on things from edropoff that I really like and KNOW I'm not being price gauged on. But you should do this while bidding on anything off ebay--the price should always be right there.
  3. HollywoodCastle is amazing. Great items and super fast shipping.