Favorite DIY Beauty Items?

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  1. So I just started using coconut oil as a body moisturizer and HOLY SMOKES my skin is sooooo soft right now. I can't believe this is cooking oil; it feels so luxurious on my skin.

    I've been doing the two parts dish soap to one part cooking oil mixture for cleaning my makeup brushes for a while and it has worked really well for me. Particularly because I buy both of those things in bulk so I practically never run out of the ingredients I need.

    I just saw a video on making your own body bronzing oil (that looks like nars body glow) using coconut oil, shea butter, and food safe bronze pigment... which I am now considering trying. :roflmfao:

    Any TPFers DIY any of their beauty treatments? I'm super curious what else I can do now.
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  2. Very interesting, glad to hear

    I switched from a commercial facial oil to sweet almond oil mixed with a few drops of rose essence in the evening. My face feels much better in the morning. I also use a mixed nut oil as a body moisturiser.

    Not exactly beauty but I use a mix of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar for cleaning surfaces and for unblocking drains
  3. Almond oil with rose sounds like it smells amazing. I'll have to give it a try :smile:
  4. thanks for these tips... how do you actually use the coconut oil.... i buy the big bulk jar from Costco (in a big round plastic jar)...
    do you just scoop some in your hand and slather onto the skin ?? is it good for your skin ?
  5. From what I've read it's good for your skin. I just take a little in my hand and use my body warmth to heat it up and melt any white bits that aren't already melted, then I spread it on. If I put it on too thick, I towel the excess off. It makes you smell soooo good and after it sits a while your skin gets soooo soft. I've heard of people using it on their face too, but I'm still afraid to try that. But for use on legs, it gets an A+ in my book.
  6. It smells lovely!

    Rose is a good addition for normal-dry skin, but you can use a different essential oil depending on which suits your skin type better

    Camomile: dry and sensitive

    Clary Sage: mature skin or hormone imbalance

    Cypress: Oily skin

    Plai: inflamed or puffy skin

  7. Another good one that works is pure oatmeal for a exfoliating mask* (with honey for gentle antiseptic treatment)

    *The more finely milled the less abrasive

    A salt or dark-brown sugar rubdown are a fantastic scrubs using a hand-mitten
  8. I love using coconut oil, for different purposes, like a skin moisturizer, for removing makeup, for my whole body, like a hair mask..
  9. I love coconut oil! I use it as a body moisturizer, make up remover, and hair mask (it can be difficult to wash off, but it leaves hair super soft and shiny). I also like to make a body balm with coconut oil & shea butter. Since my skin is super sensitive it's nice being able to make my own natural, fragrance-free body products.

    Also brown sugar+coconut oil/olive oil makes a good lip scrub.
  10. I love using honey as a face mask! My skin feels so refreshed and silky.. I love using honey as a hair mask as well, but I don't like the sticky effect, it does its job pretty well besides that..
  11. I have a DIY that may sound very odd, but if you google it you'll see that it's actually quite popular. I make ricewater for my facial skin!

    All you do is put uncooked rice in a bowl, cover it with distilled, spring, or bottled water etc., and let the mixture sit for a few days until it starts to bubble. That bubbling means it's fermenting.

    Then you pour out the *very* stinky water into a container, and use that water on your skin. It works like the SKII products do, which are also made of fermented rice.

    Your skin WILL smell like the water so if you do this be very careful not to spill the rice water on your clothes etc. I follow up with some May Coop Raw Sauce or Shisedo Essence since either one will cover up that horrible smell!! It's really worth putting up with the smell

    I'll also soak Shisedo cotton pads in the rice water and leave them on my face for 20 minutes-like a sheet mask. My skin feels so soft and looks super moisturized and fresh. Hope this helps someone it's SO worth trying!!
  12. Usually rice has a pesticide on it that only disintegrates in heat, so I probably wouldn't do that unless you're using organic rice.
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  13. Thanks for that info!! All the research I did into making my own fermented rice for skin care never mentioned using organic rice!! I don't want any remnants of pesticides on my skin. I'm going to update my post in case anyone sees it . ETA Oops I can't edit it dangit!!
  14. I just loooove the DIY scrub made from coffee and sugar! It works amazing for my body, I use it twice a week, but I feel like it's too aggresive for my face. Can anyone recommend any less aggresive natural items to exfoliate face?
  15. 2tbsp of milk & 2tbsp of unsweetened coco powder. Your face will feel amazing after it smells like brownies.