Favorite Dilemma and Advice

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  1. So, I posted here that I bought the Favorite MM while in Vegas, and I loved it. However, my magnet was extremely weak. I'm able to exchange the bag, and I'm hesitant to get another Favorite.

    What should I do? Thanks everyone!!
  2. Sorry the favorite didn't work out for you. How about the Eva or pochette Felicie?
  3. I already have the Eva. love her.
  4. And I just exchanged it for the NF MM
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464309710.777005.jpg

    I really like Neverfulls
  6. Great choice!
  7. Thanks!! I was hesitant about adding another NF to my pretty small collection. But, there was no other bag that I really liked that was around the same price point as the Favorite.
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