Favorite Designer (not Premier Designer) shoe brands

  1. To borrow the classification at Neiman/BG, lol...

    It seems like every pair of shoes I've been lusting over lately are YSL or CL or Manolo or Choo...I need to balance the addiction out with some quality/solid/more moderately priced shoe lines. I went straight from Nine West (ugh, will never go back, after seeing how much they rip off designs) to CL.

    I just bought a pair of Cole Haans tonight and have no idea if it's a style that's been ripped off a high-end designer, but I thought they were pretty cute.

    What are your favorite mid-range brands? I would pick

    Stuart Weitzman
    Donald Pliner
    Kors Michael Kors

    What should I be looking at? Any feedback on Car Shoe brand? (And I'm dying to know, does ANYONE like Taryn Rose shoes, lol?) Does anyone think J. Crew/Banana Republic shoes are high enough quality to warrant the price?

    Sorry for the ramble...I have to try to focus on something other than Chanel handbags or I'll be in the poorhouse by New Year :rolleyes:
  2. I love Kors shoes. I have a few pairs. I also like a lot of Bebe shoes and some Juicy.
  3. Stuart Weiztman is my top fave. Original & sleek designs, great quality, and are comforable for what they are (never give me blisters).. oh, and not overpriced!

    Also.. Betsey Johnson. Unique, fun, and again.. surprizingly not uncomforable.

    Oh, and i just got a pair of Paul Green boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and wore them for the first time today and they were absolutely fantastic! SO comfy, hot looking, and the leather is wonderful.. i can tell they are going to be even better when broken in:heart:
  4. ^ I just saw Paul Green at the stores this weekend. I haven't been proper (i.e. non-internet) shoe shopping in such a long time, and wasn't familiar with the line at all. Cute-looking stuff though!
  5. Via Spiga are nice...
  6. Via Spiga, Fluevog, Frye
  7. I'm a HUGE Via Spiga fan!! Great looking shoes and they are cut generous for my nearly C width feet.

    Also, Stuart Weitzman and Cole Haan.
  8. Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo (OK, those aren't really low-end but I LOVE THEM), and Lauren by Ralph Lauren.
  9. Pliner and Weitzman, of course... I'm also partial to some designs I've seen by Sam Edelman... Richard Tyler makes beautiful shoes... and I like Via Spiga and Bandolino for the quality...
  10. i like anne klein, bcbg, stuart weitzman, via spiga, sergio rossi, delman
  11. Thank you for reminding me about Via Spiga! I had a hot pair of platform slides from a few seasons back.

    I do like Stuart Weitzman, but disagree that they come out with original designs. Quite a few of their shoes look suspiciously Louboutin-esque lately...I still love them, though!
  12. I :heart::heart::heart:BCBG (my classy side) & Miss Sixty (funky side)!
  13. Via Spiga, Guess, BCBG
  14. I have the Daelyn by Taryn Rose. I bought it on sale on Zappos.com after trying them on at Nordies. I think the reason why I bought it online was Nordies didn't have the color I wanted. Anyway, what ended up being a problem for me was the way the toes are squished in the peeptoe. The shoe is amazingly comfortable for a very stylish shoe, however, the leather could be a tad softer. I ended up getting blisters when I wore them walking around Paris. I do not get blisters from my Choos or Louboutins.
  15. I like Donald Pilner, Taryn Rose, BrunoMagli, Frye, Anyi Lu, MBMJ, Belle. I just ordered some Barney's co-op brand boots which seem to be really nice and were only $350. They have some unique styles.

    With Taryn Rose they are usually comfortable but so many style are dowdy and they keep getting more hideous every year. Several years ago she made the soles with a plastic like leather sole and I don't like those years because they are too stiff. My only complaint is that the leathers she uses usually stretches a lot so tend to buy tight if I'm between sizes. I avoid any Taryn by Taryn Rose shoes because they are much stiffer and you can feel the difference in the quality. Anyi Lu makes similar shoes to Taryn Rose but are less expensive. You do feel a difference between the two but they are nice.

    BrunoMagli is anonother brand which is sometimes a little old for me but they are wonderfully made Italian shoes and most are about $300 or less.

    I just bought a pair of MBMJ heels and they feel high quality and pliable as well.

    To the OP, Car Shoe is made by Prada.