Favorite designer before.....

  1. What was your favorite designer before Hermes? I was obsessed with Gucci before I discovered Hermes. Now, Hermes is my new attraction.
  2. Chanel
  3. If you are talking about handbags, then I will have to say that my nickname used to be Princess LV... I loved LV....
  4. LV was mine.
  5. I fell for Hermes, LV and Goyard all around the same time. Still love all three. :heart:
  6. chanel for bags and clothes, prada for clothes :biggrin:
  7. For bags? None...
    I had 1 LV bag prior to discovering the world of H.
  8. My favorite design house was Chanel ( I still love Chanel - too classic to let go) and one of my favorite designers is John Galiano. He rocks this design world like nobody's business!!! Fantasy, romance, and high couture - yum!
  9. I in the Chanel group as well. I still like to wear them for dress. I also loved Tod's and have quite a few. Must say that I haven't been in love with the Tod's for quite a while and think my bags that are 4+ years old are much nicer than the ones now. I think Loro Piana is very nice and have one in raisin that is really super. The fact in is that for the last year, I have not bought anything but Hermes and find that I don't even have the interest to keep up with the IT bags styles. Just don't care!
  10. LV's Epi and Taiga collection for men. I think they still design a fabulous and handsome collection of contemporary men's briefcases and leather accessories. But, I fell in love with the level of detail in craftmanship and quality that H devotes to their products which are hard to resist. Plus, I like the variety of leathers and colors available in H and their style of stitching.
  11. JH I have bought pieces in the LV taiga in forest green for the DH. So sorry that they discontinued that color.
  12. Another one for Chanel. For clothing I :heart::heart::heart: Lanvin. Their accessories are great too.
  13. GK, I bought a cigar case in that color. I don't smoke but I liked its design and use it as a fountain pen carrier for travel. A friend bought one as a wallet since green was considered an auspicous color for money. Taiga is a nice textured leather that is resistant to surface scratches.
  14. Target.

    LOL, just kidding. There wasn't much prior to Hermes for me. As soon as I could afford it, it was H all the way.
  15. I agree totally JH - I have bought a lovely briefcase and document bag in Taiga for DH and I'm looking at the rolling luggage for him too. It is the only non H I have bought for a long time.

    I do buy him only H ties and he has a couple of H belts. I'd like to buy him an exotic belt v. soon. Matte croc - something in the brown family :graucho: