Favorite Current Item of Clothing(s)

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  1. Mine would have to be sadly enough all my North Face jackets since it is so COLD outside!!!
  2. Not clothing exactly, but I have some soft, fuzzy slippers that I wear around the house.
  3. My Ugg boots!
  4. Oh loove my Ugg boots. I'd wear them to bed if I could.

    My fave item of clothing is the new Banana Rep. jeans I bought in size 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b/c my old ones were TOO BIG.
  5. While I am in fact wearing my Ugg boots my current favorite clothing item is my silly Michael Kors coat:

  6. What a hot coat, HMWE!!

    I'm surprised to say this, but my fav piece of clothing for the moment are my low-rise Levi's jeans. I seem to be wearing them every single Sunday like a ritual.
  7. This time of year I love my Juicy Couture velvet lounge pants! So comfy and warm!
  8. 7FAM jeans!!!!! i want moooorrreeee!!!!!!!
  9. ITA! :yes: i basically live in them.
  10. Just had to move this to wardrobe :yes:
  11. An ADD white puffer down jacket with an exaggerated collar, worn with a belt of some sort.
  12. Either my Marc Jacobs vest I got at Bergdorf's when I was in New York this past weekend or my vintage Courreges jacket.
  13. My Kenneth Cole Reaction puffer vest. Either that or my shearling vest. Sooo great for this chilly weather and they go with everything!
  14. My Mike & Chris leather jacket and my earnest sewn zip jeans. Seem to wear those the most and love them to death.
  15. My Gucci cashmere scarf and my Reiss olive-grey leather jacket.