Favorite crossbody I can find pre-loved?


Jun 15, 2012
I am in need of a crossbody. I LOVE my neverfull, but with a busy 2 year old, I really need to add a crossbody to my collection. The catch. I need to find something I can get pre-loved for 400-500.

I am looking at a few options and would love opinions. I normally carry diapers/wipes, a small sippy cup, my zippy organizer wallet, a few random action figure toys, mini pouchette, and I am sure I am forgetting a few things, thought nothing big.

Saumur 30? or 35?
Musette large?

What other options am I missing? I had originally decided I wanted the Gucci GG supreme canvas messenger bag...but I would love to spring for a LV if I can. HELP!
Sep 11, 2006
The Saumur would be cool as you could have a mother side and a baby side.

The Musette would be big enough but you might find yourself rooting around in the bottom of it for your stuff.

Other options: Reporter, Nil, Sologne (not sure this would be big enough), Odeon. Long strap Salsa and Tango would probably be too small.

Do you definitely want monogram?