Favorite cooler colored contour product

Hi ladies and gents,

About contour then; I love the Armani contour in color 20 (the cooler one!), it has the perfect shade but it is always sold out and it costs a fortune and the amount of contour product that you get is close to nothing. Help me find an alternative? The Charlotte Tilbury one is way too warm in color for my skintone, and so has all other contour products that I have tried on been too! :sad:

It might have been the light or her skin tone, but the contour stick that this lady was using in a make up video looked like it could be of a cooler hue, does anyone recogize the brand and perhaps also the color name or number?

Sorry for the blurry screen shot, it was the best one I got of the product. Please help a girl out! :flowers:


This is my trusted Armani 20. :heart:

Has anyone seen or used anything comparable? Do you think the stick in the video would look similar to it? I am desperate so I could just be seeing what I want to see. šŸ™ˆ

The stick in the video looks similar to me, so I would start my search there.
If that is unsuccessful, Perhaps google ash toned contour stick.
Cinema Secrets, a professional make up line, used to carry a cool toned palette
(available at alcone cosmetics and other professional make up retailers)
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I have found a couple now that I'll happily share! For context, I am relatively fair and have pink undertones, but get spray tans sometimes, so all these can work on my fairer skin or after a spray tan or a beach vacation.
Kevyn Aucoin Scuplting powder in Medium
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow
Winkylux bronzing stick in Golden Touch
Fenty Match Stix in Amber

Do you use this?