Favorite Cookbooks

  1. Le Cordon Bleu. It's great for learning basic to advanced French techniques. And they do it in such a way that everything looks easy.
  2. I have so many favorites... i would say my Julia childs cook book, my mom gave it to me for Christmas when i was little.
  3. I love local Junior League cookbooks...always, I have 3 or 4 of them from different places I've lived. You can even look on Amazon and find them new and used. I also love the Weight watchers Recipes for Success cookbooks. A new one comes out every year and I have about 7 of them!
  4. I have a ton of fancy schmancy gourmet cookbooks, but if I need a recipe I usually find myself reaching for Joy of Cooking or Betty Crocker...
  5. Feast by Nigella Lawson. I love it.
  6. Staple Cookbooks:

    Dean & Deluca cookbook, The Classic Italian Cookbook, The Whole Beast- Nose to Tail Eating, Gourmet cookbook, Bon Appetit Cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, The Passionate Vegetarian, Larousse Gastronomique, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, CIA Professional Chef, The New Laurel's Kitchen, Wild Fermentation, and any Southern Living cookbooks.

    I'm waiting on a bunch of new ones, including my first 1975 copy of Joy of Cooking, Horn of the Moon, Chez Panisse, etc.
  7. ^^^Yes, "CIA's: The Professional Chef" is a good one. Also, if you like to bake, "The Professional Pastry Chef" and "The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef".
  8. "How To Cook Everything", "The Silver Sppon", "The Silver Palate Cookbook", "The New Basics Cookbook", Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone", "Sundays At Moosewood Restaurant", "The Gourmet Cookbook", "Cuisine Rapide"
  9. I absolutely love & use all of my cookbooks by Ina Garten also known as the Barefoot Contessa.
  10. The King Arthur Flour 'All Purpose Baking Book'. It's fab,
  11. Me too, as well as a Better Homes and Gardens my mom had for years! I have a Nestle book too, w/ lots of good baking stuff. I also like "It's All American Food"- no pics, but tons of recipes and good info.
  12. I really love recipe websites, like recipezaar.com, allrecipes.com, eatingwell.com and cookinglight.com. I MUST see a picture and have nutritional info. I also like to read reviews and hear what changes and improvements people have made.
  13. Marion Cunningham's newest revision of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

    The 1995 edition of Joy of Cooking.
  14. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is great too, and some of the Moosewood cookbooks...like some of whats in the Silver Spoon also, they have an amazing onion-smothered chicken recipe!