Favorite Colored Stone/Pearl Celebrity/Public Figure Engagement Rings & Jewels? PICS!

  1. Princess Anne's sapphire and diamond ring from Mark Phillips:
    care of: gettyimages
  2. Yep..that's it. Holy moly I love that ring!
  3. Doesn't Jessica Simpson's ring look a lot like Princess Anne's?
  4. :smile:

  5. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons was originally proposed to with a (Montana/Yogo) sapphire surrounded by diamonds...
    care of: graciejewellery
    Looks like the Duchess of Cambridge's, doesn't it?
  6. I would love to post Jean Harlow's massive sapphire engagement ring, but I can't find a good picture. :sad:
  7. Here is Harlow's 85ct star sapphire ring:
  8. L'Wren Scott's ring from Mick Jagger. I read that it's a sapphire in a diamond halo.
    care of: dailymail
  9. Hmm... somebody else says it's 150ct.
  10. Douglas Fairbanks set the Star of Bombay in a ring setting for Mary Pickford:
    care of: smithsonian institution
  11. Actress Carey Mulligan's ring has sapphire sidestones:
    care of: sky media
  12. Carla Bruni's ring from Sarkozy:
  13. Kara DioGuardi's checkerboard cut citrine engagement ring in yellow gold:
    care of: jewelleryworld
  14. Leelee Sobieski's champagne diamond:
    care of: usgirl
  15. Loving this fab thread. JLOs pink diamond is my favourite.