Favorite Color Lipstick?

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  1. I usually wear a light champagne gloss during the day, but hands down my favorite color lipstick (and in general) is RED!! I wear it every chance I get.
    I'm so Gwen Stefani in that way!! LOL........
    What's your signature color lip shade?
  2. i really really REALLY love MAC's REBEL ROSE...its an awesome shimmery magenta. lol :smile:
  3. Nars Dolce Vita, a sheer rosey pink
  4. mac 3-d, a universally flattering shimmery coral
  5. Clinique Tenderheart, a gorgeous nude shade. don't know what i'll do if/when they discontinue!
  6. Paula Dorf HAVANA
  7. I love Chanel Glossimers! I have Blizzard, Twinkle, Spark, Pin-up and Imaginre! I love the Glossimers, I could never pick just one!!
  8. ^^ I love spark too!!
  9. Don't laugh- old avon chocolate fling! I have one left, that I have been scooping the color out. Don't know what I am going to do after this week
  10. Nars Orgasm for everyday.
  11. Chanel's Aqualumière in Maya and Acapulco
  12. i am such a make up snob but the lipstick i use is super cheap, its a revlon one in goldpearl plum, i wear it everyday - everywhere. i do have to re apply constantly though which annoys the hell out of me, i've tried replacing it with a longer lasting clinique but the colours just arent the same.
  13. I really like Giorgio Armani's 33 silk lipstick--it's the "perfect" red for me.
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