Favorite color leather accessory?

  1. Hello!

    Will you share your favorite color leather accessory with me? I don't live near an Hermes boutique so don't get to see a lot of them in person:cry: .

    I currently own a turquoise tri-fold bearn and would like to add a checkbook holder (vision agenda)...but am not sure what color would look nice with it.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks!!!!:heart: :biggrin:
  2. Fuchsia is wonderful with turquoise!
  3. Oh good idea - fuschia would be gorgeous!
  4. mmmmmmmmmm, fuschia.....
    i just love my lavendar and turquoise acces together!!!!
  5. arangel - You have something in lavendar? What is it? Is the color called lavendar? sounds like a pretty combo!
  6. Also, any of the chocolate browns in Chevre mysore would be beautiful with turquoise!
  7. Oh, this thread is making me itch to go to an Hermes to pick up something!!:upsidedown: :upsidedown:
  8. greentea- thanks for the advice! have you seen chocolate brown leather accessories in person?

    tokyo - I know! I'm getting the itch for more things too:yes:
  9. I've seen a few, but haven't seen the chocolate Chevre mysore Bearn GM I'm hankering after!
  10. i was going to say fuschia too! in fact, i have a turquoise bifold wallet and today i just got a fuschia agenda and they look great together!
  11. Fuchsia and turquoise definitely look great together, it's a great contrast without the clashing.:yes:
  12. mnpurse lover, i believe teh colro is called lavendar andit is a Zippy case(thats what the receipt calls it). shopmom graciously posted my pics under member item thread!!! it is there, mnpurselover.
    the teeny tiny turk H item is a psot it holder- i think it was 150
    the zippy is aobut 600 i think sorry tired long day

  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. ok, i'm probably alone in this one particular color scheme... but anything in chartreuse chevre...:love:

    ^ lol, so used to it too... remember when i was the sole one person fan club of the JPGs on TFS! :lol:
  15. HL - I LOVE chartreuse!!!!!:yes: