Favorite Color for an EPI petit Noe

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Favorite color for an Epi petit Noe?

  1. White/Ivory

  2. Yellow

  3. Fawn

  4. Blue

  5. Red

  6. Mandarin

  7. Green

  8. Black

  9. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm thinking about getting a petit Noe in EPI for a run around bag. I love epi and all of the color choices. Just wondering if there is a favorite here on tPF!
  2. I like either black (which I own) or ivory. I debated between the black and ivory for a long time - and sometimes regret the choice - but either one is perfect.
  3. red.. petit noe seems sooooooooooo cute in red.
  4. Epi is gorgeous in red!
  5. Blue , then Red
  6. im the oddball but i like yellow....
  7. Black or Fawn....depending on your wardrobe.
  8. White is my all time favorite.
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm leaning towards white.

    I should've mentioned that I have a red epi speedy. So while I love red epi I really want a different color.
  10. Mandarin is one of my favourite colours so that's what I voted for... I would like to have a Speedy in mandarin...
    Regina :smile:
  11. Toledo Blue, then Black
  12. I voted Other ... because I'm hopelessly hoping they'll make it in the new CASSIS! Heck I'll even settle for the new GRENADE!
  13. I like the pepper color...don't know what it's called!
  14. I like the BLACK Noe because you could dress it up with all different kinds of bandeaus or scarfs.
  15. I own the Petite Noe in Black and couldn't love it more, goes with absolutely everything, dressy, casual, great bag!! But if they do the Petite Noe in the new purple, that's what I would get (and I might have to add this to my wish list myself..), the black will always be around, the other colours are harder to find after a while...also love Toledo blue..