Favorite Color Bag??

  1. I think this may have been done before (sorry) but I was wondering what's everyones fave color bag? Does it change from season to season?

    I have a blood red patent leather Kenneth Cole bag that I've had for five years and it looks new. It has a great presence. Very simple and structured. It's absolutely beautiful. Red is my fave color forever. But I have recently fallen in love with putty. I'm itching to get a bag in this color (specifically the Edith) but I have to wait until my pursie bank is full again. If I saw one in patent leather I may just have to rob a bank. :lol:

    What's your fave color bag(s)???
  2. I am in love with my Rebecca Minkoff blue patent bag at the moment .. it just seems to work with Everything this season..
    But usually I am a black bag or brown bag girl..
  3. WHITE!!!!! Im in the midst of a serious white obsession. Love the way stark white looks with silver accents and the way winter white looks with gold or brass accents.
  4. Brown for a neutral color.

    My plum Anna Corinna tote for a real color.
  5. I think on a subconscious level...my fav bag color is pink because I have 6 bags trimmed in that color. :confused1: Consciously speaking, I'm drawn to any kind of canvas print in Khaki.
  6. my fave color is blue.. but i got tons of black bags...
  7. well, right now, my face coloured bag is my balenciaga magenta city.
    the color is so striking for my sad days, wearing the bag totally brighten my day and lifted my spirit :P
  8. Red all the way! I have two red balenciagas, a red mulberry roxanne and i'm thirsty for more...
  9. Lately, I'm blue obsessed :yes:
  10. Black. I can carry them year 'round and they don't show wear and tear. Plus they go with nearly all my outfits!
  11. i love pink!!
  12. Black and red, all the way. Forever. Since I was a kid. All of my favorites have had one or the other or some combo of the two.

    However, this season I am CRAVING a plum colored bag.
  13. It really depends on the outfit.
  14. Blue because I'm always in jeans
  15. Boring, basic BLACK. :shrugs:...It matches everything I wear, love it!