favorite color b bag

  1. what your fav color b bag a must have i like black pink blue
  2. i love eggplant, magenta, turqoise
  3. I gues mine would be green, lol. I only have green b-bags at the moment! I'm hoping to expand the color in my collection though!
  4. Grenat or Rouge
  5. white or rouge
  6. I love INK, emerald, rouge vif and rouille --- of course these are the color bags I currently have
  7. black, 05turquoise, 04lilac, 05red... :drool: :drool:
  8. love love love my Blueberry :smile:
  9. I love bubblegum pink, rouge vif and eggplant....and am developing a bit of a thing for greige, too!
  10. White and Griege at the moment. I'm not that into bright colors although I showed my fiance the colors and he thinks I need a pink since I wear a lot of pink. :yes:
  11. I like Blueberry, White, Griege, 04 Rose, 05 Sky Blue

    of course I like the Black and and dark brown too :smile:
    but I like the Balenciagas best in "colors"
  12. Of the ones I've seen in person, my favorites are

    04 Turquoise
    Rouge Vif
  13. great colors
  14. i have too many :love:

    rouge vif, magenta, apple green, 05 turquoise andwhite
  15. Apple green, Indigo blue and Eggplant!