Favorite Coach Sunglasses

  1. I am really wanting a new pair of sunglasses and I am thinking I may make that part of my PCE purchase. Can anyone tell me what thier favorite style is? I am not sure which ones I like the most.
  2. I have the Taryns and LOVE them! Santa brought them for me! :smile:
  3. I have the Taryns in tortoise and love them!

  4. Those are actually the ones I have been leaning towards the most!
  5. I want a pair now!! LOL another thing to add to my wish list! haha :lol:
  6. You're welcome. I felt that way too, and couldn't believe no one had started a sunglasses thread. Unfortunately I lost mine (edit: they were stolen), so I'll be looking for more. :biggrin:
  7. Sorry they were stolen. It seems to happen alot with these Coach sunglsses. I really like the burgundy Alicia's and the Tortuise Taryn
  8. I have the Libby sunnies in tortoise, I like that they are thinner on the side but I think these have left the store. (I got mine through my eye doctor anyways so they're prescription.)
  9. Ew those are cute too! There is a pair in eBay...
  10. It seems like sunglasses (like glasses) are really personal. You have to find one that fits your face well. I spent ~30 hr trying on different ones at Nord Rack before I settled on Francine. I'm still not totally sold on them though. :sad: Maybe I just have a bad face for glasses....
  11. Jenni's!!
  12. I just bought the tortoise Sofia's on eBay and am waiting for them to come in.

    I tried them on at my local store, but got them on eBay for 85 plus shipping! I think they must have gone to the outlets.
  13. I have a pair of Keri's (in tortoise) and a pair of Whitney's (in black). Love them both!!! So far, they're the only ones that will sit on my nose and not my cheeks (I don't have a nose bridge - being asian and all! *lol*).