Favorite clutch style?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a clutch - something basic (black or a silvery metallic), since I don't go out often and can't justify getting several indifferent colors. The Ava caught my eye (GORGEOUS!), and the Metro is growing on me.

    What's your favorite Treesje clutch, and why? They seem to be really big, are they still easy to carry? And has anyone tried using a crossbody, like a Jovi or Soleil, as a clutch? Thoughts?

  2. I love the metro!!! I still have been meaning to get one!
  3. My favorite Treesje clutch is still the Metro Clutch. I don't own one -- no need for a clutch in my life -- but I believe that someone (aznkat?) posted pictures of her plum Metro Clutch and what it could hold. There might be modeling pics as well.
  4. I really like the metro too. But it is strictly handheld. If you need a crossbody alternative & between jovi and solie, I would say go for Jovi.
  5. I own a black Ava and owned Metro clutches. I absolutely LOVE my Ava. Every time I use it I get compliments on it (I have pics posted in the reference thread). I love the shape and find it easier to carry than the Metro. I like the magnetic closure and how simple, yet edgy it looks, with it's amazing leather details. For me, the Metro was too big, and every time I went to use one, I ended up choosing another over it. I think the turn lock is a bit of a pain and can easily scratch. The color of hardware limits your use with certain outfits, jewelry, etc. I finally decided to sell them because I realized they weren't working for me. If you need a really large handheld clutch, then the Metro would probably work for you. For me, I just prefer something smaller without hardware. Good luck!
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    I don't own it, but I love love LOVE the Harper in Lilac. It comes in black, white, and some other colors, but I think the lilac is THE shade that this bag was born to be made in. It manages to be girly, punky, chic, and elegant, and I'd carry it to a hardcore concert or to a corporate dinner.

    Ahh...if only I had the cash to spare, this baby would be mine.


    ETA: this is in black, one left if you like it @ Bluefly
  7. Thanks for the responses, ladies! I'm kicking myself for not buying the Ava that was on Bonanzle until about a week ago - I think it was an anthracite type color? Gorgeous! Like azgoldengirl said, not having hardware is a nice feature that makes it match different accessories better.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for one. Thanks, lovelies!
  8. The Divino is good in my opinion because it has a wrist strap
  9. Oh.. I like this clutch.. especially the color.

  10. They don't have anthracite but the Treesje site does have a few on megasale.

  11. Oooooh, I want that Ava in Chocolate. Is there a code right now for additional off on the Treesje website?

    Yes, I was going back and forth regarding that Ava on Bonz. I recently got an LP clutch and 2 HH clutches, so I am banned on clutches for a while. But that chocolate, yummy!
  12. I have two Metro clutches one in electric blue and the other in fushia. When I first saw them online at LB they didn't seem as large as they were until I saw them in person. They are really great and carry quite a lot. You can rock them in wearing jeans or a nice dress but I have several other non-Treesje clutches like DVF etc. But I'd say the Metro is far more versatile and it holds up very well. For pics they are posted on my album if you want to view them.
  13. I have the metro clutch in electric blue and I love it. The color is so beautiful. Yes, it's big which is great as you can put in all your essentials. I also have the Bryant in cherry. This one's a little bit taller and brings a removable slim strap, so you can use it both ways. Both clutches can be dressed up or down and will look great with many outfits.
  14. Well if you're banned I shouldn't be telling you this but...code "News2010" is 15% off all bags.

    Which means I caved and got that Lilac Harper. My rationale was "when we travel back to the US in a few years I'll NEED this bag to carry my passport and money and stuff in just in case I get a jerk flight attendant who won't let me stash my big purse under the seat" LOL because I didn't really want to buy a bag just for those blue moon go out to a bar nights...I'm kind of a boring housewife now...but I do really adore this bag, and I have a little Treesje makeup bag in the same lilac leather and I love it too.

    Plus, y'know, it was $133. That's justifiable.

    So go get your Ava hon, that chocolate is too gorgeous.
  15. :P You're too funny! That Harper is so gorgeous, congrats to you! Now I'm considering it, and the last thing I need is another clutch :nuts:. I'm kind of a boring housewife/mom too, and don't get out very much either. At this point I could wear a different clutch every time I go out without having to repeat! How did you score a lilac makeup bag? That sounds awesome. What a perfect spring color!

    I need to marinate on getting the Ava in chocolate. It would still be $165ish, and I don't know if I need it considering I do have a black one. I'm really trying to be good girl because there are so many spring bags I want, that I need to start saving my money!

    That said, now I really want the Dakota in Clover. Do you think that's gold hardware? I'm pretty sure it is. Must resist! Thanks for the code and the enabling!