Favorite city in USA to Visit

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  1. Mine would have to be currently Los Angeles which I've been to a couple times with my mother. I love the weather, the shopping is great, and I didn't find the city intimidating at all which I was scared that I would. And there is so much to do!

    So what's your favorite city and why?
  2. Chicago! I love the energy, vibe, it just is very positive and upbeat. And...great shopping and restaurants! :yahoo:
  3. Vegas baby!!!!Gambling, shopping, restaurants, celebrity sightings--what more could you ask for!!!
  4. Either New York City (the museum, the theatre, shopping, the restaurants . . . )


    Newport, Rhode Island. I went to college there. It's a gorgeous town. I love going during Homecoming Weekend. (Our team usually loses, but just going and watching the game is always fun.)
  5. Mine would have to be New York City. I love NY during the Holiday season. There is so much to do there!
  6. Good old Miami for me
  7. San Diego love Horton Plaza Old Town and Coronado Island
  8. I must agree Pursegrrl--Chicago is great.
    For a quiet weekend trip I love Sedona Arizona.
  9. i LOVE new york city...
    that place is just so magical... especially since it appears so much in movies, tv, books, etc..
    san francisco is a close second... i love the water and the weather
  10. Las Vegas because i love gambling and the overall magical energy that courses through.
  11. Los Angeles-shopping, great weather, the beach..all my favorite things!
  12. I adore NYC but I also love Nashville.
  13. San Francisco because of the weather and all the beautiful places for sight-seeing.
  14. Vegas! It's like a playground for me.:yes:
  15. I love visiting New York! I just love the whole atmosphere.