Favorite Christmas Movie?


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I waited until after Thanksgiving to do this, so you ladies (and gents) wouldn't think I was completely nuts.

What are your favorite Christmas movies and why? (And for fun, throw in some good quotes from said movie!)

Mine is Love Actually.

I love London.

I love everything British.

I love Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightly, Rowan Atkinson, The Guy That Plays Snape Whose Name Escapes Me Right Now . . . . Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson - all the actors are brilliant.

I love the soundtrack and the score to the movie.

It's a feel good movie without being too gooey.

Jamie: [learning Portuguese] Oh my God, I've got a terrible stomach ache. It must have been the prawns. My goodness, this is a very big fish! It tastes delicious!

Karen: Loitering around the jewellery counter, I see!
Harry: No. I was just looking around.
Karen: Don't worry, my expectations are not that high after 13 years of Mr. "Oh-but-you-always-LOVE-scarves"! Actually, I do love this one.

Sam: There's a big concert at the end of the term, and Joanna's going to be in it. I thought, if I was in the concert, and played really, really well, there's a chance she might fall in love with me. What do you think?
Daniel: I think it's brilliant! It's stellar! Uh, apart from the one little, obvious, tiny, little baby hiccup...
Sam: That I don't play a musical instrument.
Daniel: Yessir.
Sam: A tiny, insignificant detail.

Sam: Daniel, I have a plan!
Daniel: Thank the Lord! Tell me.
Sam: Well, girls love musicians, don't they?
Daniel: Uh-huh.
Sam: Even the really weird ones get girlfriends.
Daniel: That's right. Meatloaf definitely got laid at least once. For God's sake, Ringo Starr married a Bond girl!
Sam: [looks at him strangely] Whatever.

Aurelia: [to Jamie] Jaime's friends are so good looking!
[to friends] He never tells me this. I think now, maybe I make the wrong choice, pick wrong Englishman?
Jamie: She can't speak English properly, she doesn't know what she's saying.

[Natalie runs up to the Prime Minister at the airport and leaps into his arms]
Prime Minister: God, you weigh a lot!
Natalie: Oh, shut your face!

[having just sung the words "Love is all around me" instead of "Christmas is all around me" yet again]
Billy Mack: Oh! F:censor: ck wank bugger ****ting arse head and hole!

Billy Mack: [radio interview] ... so if you believe in Christmas, children, like your uncle Billy does, buy my festering turd of a record and particularly enjoy the incredible crassness of the moment when we try to squeeze an extra syllable into the fourth line...
Mikey, DJ interviewer: I think you're referring to 'so if you really love Christmas'
Billy Mack: 'Come on and let it snow'. Ouch!

Sam: By the way, I feel bad. I never asked you how your love life is going.
Daniel: [mock chuckles] No. As you know, that was a done deal long ago. Unless, of course, Claudia Schiffer calls, in which case I want you out of the house straight away, you wee motherless mongrel.
Sam: Oh?
Daniel: No, no, we'll want to have sex in every room. Including yours.

[Rufus places the necklace box in a cellophane bag, opening one drawer and another, scooping amounts of small roses and lavender in the bag. He then pulls out a four inch cinnamon stick]
Harry: What's that?
Rufus: It's a cinnamon stick, sir.
[he ties it around the bag with a piece of string]
Harry: I can't wait.
Rufus: You won't regret it, sir.
Harry: Wanna bet?
Rufus: It's almost finished, sir.
Harry: [sarcastically] Almost finished? What else can there be? Are we going to dip it in yoghurt? Cover it with Chocolate Buttons?

Harry: All right, I'll have it.

Prime Minister: I'm not so sure politics and dating really go together.
The President: Really? I never found that.
Prime Minister: Yes, well, the difference is that you're sickeningly handsome whereas I look increasingly like my Aunt Mildred.

[At the altar, just before Peter is married]
Peter: No surprises?
Mark: No surprises.
Peter: Not like the stag night?
Mark: Unlike the stag night.
Peter: Do you admit the Brazilian prostitutes were a mistake?
Mark: I do.
Peter: And it would have been much better if they'd not turned out to be men?
Mark: That is true.

[to a portrait of Margaret Thatcher]
Prime Minister: Did you ever have this kind of problem? Yeah - of course you did, you saucy minx.



tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I also love Bad Santa!

It's not a typical 'Christmas Movie' . . . . it's about a guy who takes a job as a department store Santa. (His accomplice takes a job as his elf.) They stay until Christmas Eve and then rob the place when it closes. They split the loot and then live off that the rest of the year and then move to another state to start the process all over again.

It's about an uncaring man who gradually grows a heart. Not much of a heart, but he finds a woman he cares about and a boy who's convinced he's the real Santa Claus.

Billy Bob Thornton is a wonderful actor. So is Bernie Mac.

And so is John Ritter. (This was his last acting job before he passed away - may he rest in peace.)

Lauren Graham is SO not Lorelai Gilmore in this movie. (Unless Lorelai Gilmore is a Jewish bartender who is turned on by a guy in a Santa suit.)

I feel so sorry for the little boy throughout the movie! I wanted to just hug him! (He lived with his grandmother. His dad is in prison and his mom is . . . somewhere, gone. He's picked on constantly by practically everybody else.)

Willie: What do you want?
Fraggle-Stick Boy: Fraggle-Stick car.
Willie: What the f:censor:ck is that?
Fraggle-Stick Boy: Fraggle-Stick car.
Willie: Well I heard you. Fraggle-Stick car. Fine.

Sue: I've always had a thing for Santa Claus. In case you didn't notice. It's like some deep-seeded childhood thing.
Willie: So is my thing for tits.

Bob Chipeska: You two are perfect for this job, truly. So, I don't want his unpleasentness affect your performance in any way.
Marcus: Oh no. We...
Willie: Performance?
Bob Chipeska: Yes. Your performance. You know, the...
Willie: Do you mean sexual?
[Bob looks up at Willie in confusion]
Bob Chipeska: Excuse me?
Willie: Are you saying there's something wrong with my gear? Is that what your saying to me?
Bob Chipeska: I'm sorry, your gear?
Marcus: Willie...
Willie: My f:censor:ck stick
[Bob makes a disgusted look]
Marcus: Willie, take a seat. You know how your blood sugar is.
Bob Chipeska: He's not going to say f:censor: ck stick in front of the children, is he?
Marcus: No! It was just a joke. An adult joke. For us, adults. It's a joke. Just a joke.fck stick in front of the children, is he?
Marcus: No! It was just a joke. An adult joke. For us, adults. It's a joke. Just a joke.

Willie: You know, I think I've turned a corner.
Marcus: Yeah? You f:censor: cking petites now?
Willie: No, I'm not talking about that. I beat the sh:censor: t out of some kids today. But it was for a purpose. It made me feel good about myself. It was like I did something constructive with my life or something, I dunno, like I accomplished something.
Marcus: You need many years of therapy. Many, many, many ****in' years of therapy.


May 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
I also love A Christmas Story. The crazy thing is I only saw it for the first time like 5 or 6 years ago after a friend recommended it. Now, I'll watch it several times in a row when they show marathons on television. I also love Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.


May 6, 2006
San Antonio, Texas
Oh...and a favorite quote from the A Christmas Story other than "you'll shoot your eye out kid" is...

"Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bi#*%!":biggrin:


I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
Ah well I love a weird little bunch- just brings back great memories. Love Actually, Elf, and Miracle on 34th Street :yes:
Oct 6, 2006
New Jersey
I just watched The Santa Claus,, when I was little I would watch it like everyday leading up to Christmas,, It's definetly one of my favortie Christmas movies. I don't like the 2nd one as much,, and have yet to see the 3rd. Also, A Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation are really good too!! :yes:


Jul 5, 2006
I just told my husband today that it's time to watch Love Actually again.

The first time I saw it, my manager at work took her group out to dinner and a movie. She felt so bad about chosing that movie-she kept saying "Oh my gosh, I took you guys to a porn movie! I thought it was a Christmas movie!" It was too funny and of course none of us thought it was porn.

I've never seen those other Christmas movies. I need to watch A Christmas Story.


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
Every year, my dad and I go pick out a Christmas tree. For the past two years, we've always gone on my birthday, December 14. After that, we find ourselves in Dunkin' Donuts having a hot chocolate.

Has anyone else seen Boogie Nights? There's this powerful scene that took place in a donut shop around Christmastime. I always think of that scene and how wonderful it was.

This character, Buck, has been to every bank in town, asking for a loan to jump start his stereo business. He's turned down, either because of his race, or because he's involved in the porn industry.

One night, he's in his car with his pregnant wife (a former porn star) and he runs into a donut shop to get her some donuts, after asking what she wants. The entire place is empty, except for the clerk and a guy having coffee at one of the tables.

So he's at the counter ordering and at one point he says, "Oh! Are these because it's Christmas? I'll have two of those."

He's about to pay when a guy comes in and holds the place up. The clerk gives him the money in a brown paper bag. The robber gets the money and is on his way out the door when the clerk takes out a gun. The clerk shoots the robber, the robber shoots the customer and the clerk (grazing Buck in the process).

We don't know he was only grazed, though. We see his shocked expression, the blood all over the place, the blood on him. We're watching, silently praying that he's okay.

Then he breaks his freeze, grabs the money in the paper bag, and runs out of the store.


night sky
Feb 23, 2006
My favourite is the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol". I've watched that movie every year at Christmas time ever since I was a little kid.