Favorite Choo? List in order.

  1. Ok...it's been awhile and we all have new Choos. So which one is your favorite...doesn't have to be new? List your top 5 and the reason you love them!:nuts:
    I'm gonna say
    1. Black biker Ring because it goes with everything and can take a beating.
    2. Bronze Maddy-Love the size and bling!
    3. New Wildcat Arad-Again, love the bling!
    4. Red Metallic star cut out(don't know the name)-Again, love the bling!
    5. Black Wet Look Riki-Shiny, wet and hot!
  2. 1. Forest Green biker Ramona - Ooo, the color! the leather! the snake! and so practical for everyday use.
    2. Jungle Python Mahala - one reason, :drool:
    3. Burgundy biker Radiant, just love the squishy handles and the fit is perfect for me, plus the center pocket is wonderful.
    4. Black biker Ring - Gotta love those side pockets, easy to access and well balanced.
    5. The red slick calf Ramona - It all about that deep red color.

    Awww, only 5? This was a tough question to answer, the order and styles may change, once a delivery arrives :graucho: .
  3. Hey! I spilled my secrets over this thread....where is everyone??? :search:

    OK, my Top Five (which is kinda just putting them in order since I have 6 bags total!)

    1. Black Ring-for the same reasons as you JM.
    2. Burgundy Ring-love the Ring and the burgundy is a bit dressier.
    3. Blue wet look Riki-because the color is to die for...and it was only made possible because of Miss Robyn! :heart:
    4. Burgundy biker Riki-because I also love the Riki and the burgundy biker leather is just SO pretty!
    5. A tie (is TOO fair!) Nude Ring and Black calf Ramona-the Nude Ring is really my favorite over the Ramona but I didn't want to leave out my Ramona since it's the only other Choo bag I have! The Nude because duh, it's a RING!, and I do love the color for Spring/Summer especially. The black Ramona is a great bag, but since I prefer the black Ring, and especially the biker leather, my Ramona is pretty much just sittin' around these days!

    So c'mon you guys! Whether you have 1 bag or 50....which is your favorite?? Even if you have just 1, what made you choose that one?
  4. only two here, and this is tough:sweatdrop:...i'll go with:
    1) lp plum mahala....the patent and suede combo and the color..wow!:love:
    2) black biker ring....perfect bag as far as comfort and function:yes: