Favorite Chocolate colored bags? Opinions!

  1. Hi ladies,

    What is your favorite chocolate colored bag? I think this bag is lovely:
  2. Now that I have a mousse paddy, I think I just have to have it in chocolate too! Chloe makes such a gorgeous chocolate! Also love the Edith in Chocolate!
  3. Well, I love chocolate bags.....I've got a chocolate spy, chocolate silverado, and will be getting a chocolate betty tomorrow. The choc edith is gorgeous, too. Might have to get that one, but I'm trying to not cave in!!!
  4. I wonder if it would be redundant to get a chocolate edith if one already has a whisky edith? Girlsgottoshop, the chocolate spy must be sooooooo pretty!
  5. Didn't you just get a mousse today?:blink:
  6. If you would consider a bag outside of Chloe- Jimmy Choo makes a fabulous chocolate! I love hte Ramona or the smaller version- the Ricki in chocolate! TDF!
  7. Yes, but I am already planning ahead for the Fall bags! :graucho: It's an illness, I know! But no worries, my wallet is firmly planted in my paddy and no more bags for a while!;)
  8. *Grabs opportunity to share pics of her chocolate bags :roflmfao:* I have the market cornered on this color. If they load in the proper order:

    1. Edith
    2. Chocolate Bowler (Box)
    3. Chocolate Paddington Satchel
    4. Gerard Darel 24 Hour Charlotte
    5. YSL Muse
    6. Silverado Tote
    ChocoEdithFront2.JPG BowlerSit.JPG ChockiWeb.jpg GDChocolateWeb.jpg Muse1Resized.jpg TotoScarfHoldResize.jpg
  9. *faints* Roey your bags are gorgeous! OMG! Just amazing!!!
  10. Holy Chocolate lady!!! Roey, you win!

    I only have one chocolate bag and it's my Spy. I was in the store to buy a cognac one and then my eyes settled upon it and I had to have it.
  11. lordguinny - what bag is in your post? I really like it!
  12. Thanks BL and Jag! Self-restraint is not one of my better virtues. It is now time to concentrate on finishing paying off a few of these bags rather than think about any new bags. Spending time here on the PF is not helping that thought!
  13. Roey, your bags are make me drool! that chocolate bowler is a looker! the bag in the photo is the Ede Leather studded bag. It retails around $600 so it is very affordable. My hubby thinks it is a "bit much" and says that the Edith appears much classier. He's a doll. Btw, I got my edith in today from Saks and I think not as nice as I thought! I am waiting for the edith to arrive from NM to post their photos side by side so you guys can help me choose!
  14. Thanks! The Bowler is one of my favorites. It was back on NM and BG online the other day and now gone.

    I agree with your hubby that Edith is classier but the Ede bag has a trendy, funky edge that is very appealing. Good price too!

    I am glad you ordered two Ediths! You'll be able to compare the nuances of a handmade bag and make sure the one you keep is to your liking. Here's hoping you don't need to see three! :amazed: Looking forward to the pics! I went through troubling times with some of the Paddingtons, trying to find the perfect one (and you still wonder if there is another out there more perfect than the one you have...)
  15. Roey, you are the chocolate goddess! I totally need a chocolate Spy. And a dolma City. And that's all....right? :yes: