Favorite Child?


Aug 27, 2006
Do you think that parents have a "favorite" child that they love more than their other children? My brother and I laughed tonight about how we each thought the other sibling was the "favorite." Either way, we both turned out ok. :P I don't have kids yet, but even if I had a "favorite" I would try, of course, to treat them equally since obvious "favoritism" could breed a lot of negative consequences. What do you all think and/or what are your experiences?


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
Well, I'm the oldest of 3...two younger brothers. My folks always joke that they "finally got it right with the 3rd kid." hee hee. My other bro and I always called him SRC (spoiled rotten child) behind his back, because he was!!


Jan 15, 2006
^ I think that parents love all of their children equally, but they LIKE one child more than the other...does that make sense?!?! LOL I am so tired!!

:roflmfao: I have to agree. I wonder this, because I'm only and my mom had a large family and so do her brothers, my uncles, and it seems imo there is one that is liked more. I can also sense in real life, when people talk about their kids there's always one that seems can do no wrong.


Oct 12, 2006
As an only child who has no children, I am uniquely and eminently qualified to speak to this issue.

In every case where two or more siblings in a family have been close friends, each sibling has individually confided in me at some point, that they know for a fact that the favorite is one of the other siblings. :biggrin:

What I think really happens is that while parents don't really love one more than the other, they have their favorite THINGS about each child, and that appreciation for those favorite things is almost invariably interpreted by the other siblings as being loved more, being the favorite.

They never seem to notice that the parents have their favorite things about THEM, too!


Quiet!Hermes Hunting
Aug 17, 2006
I laugh at this thread because even though there is only 2 of us, I thought my brother who is the baby and most spoiled was the fave. However my parents have made reference on many occasions to the fact that I am the most dependable, independent and successful of the 2 of us. And that I don't give them a moment's worry. I didn't believe them til they made me power of attorney over their goodies:roflmfao:


Mar 9, 2006
No, no way, at least not for a healthy parent.

I have favorite things about each of my children, but there's NO way I could ever choose one over the other :cry:

Your kids are still super young, Swanky. I think this becomes more of a factor when kids hit the teenage years or when they develop their own interests. It's not like a parent loves one kid more than the other, it's more like common interests.

For example my mom and I both like art, going out to eat and shopping. My sister hates the mall, doesn't think food is exciting or fun and falls asleep at the mention of the word "art." Tara would rather spend hours talking on her cell phone, jogging or whatever.

It's not that my mom loves my sister less than me, it's just that she has more in common with me so we tend to get together more than she and my sister do.

I think the way my mom describes it is that she loves us both equally, but I'm her friend as well as her kid.


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
^ I think that parents love all of their children equally, but they LIKE one child more than the other...does that make sense?!?! LOL I am so tired!!

I believe this is true. In my family, it was just my brother and I. My bro was always looked at as being :angel: and I was always the :devil: . I can tell you so many stories to back this up....growing up at our house was very much like the dynamic on "Everybody Loves Raymond." My brother was Raymond, and I was Robert!