Favorite cellulite product(s)?

  1. What is your favorite anti-cellulite cream or treatment?
  2. I've tried a few and like bliss lower body blaster. It seemed to work better the first bottle I went thru than the second which I purchased a while later. Maybe I was just eating healthier/excercising at the time? I liked Yonkas too. Heard great things about Clarins but never tried it.
  3. I hear there is no product that is going to change your cellulite.
    To prevent/treat it, cut back on foods with fat, which causes it.
    I also heard stimulation can temporarily help/prevent it, take a small soft brush (as in ones for your feet. etc.) start at the ankle and in a circular motion work your way up the legs, or whatever problem area you may have, i personally do this with a loofa a few times in the shower :smile:
  4. The Dr. that is always on Oprah said those things don't work.
  5. Thats exactly where my advice generated from haha :p
  6. Ihave tried a couple one from Dior and one from The Alchemy Workshop called Body Sculptor. They do seem to make your skin look better while you are using them but as soon as you stop it all comes back:s
  7. I just recently read the Cellulite Solution by Dr. Murad. I have been on his vitamins and trying to eat a lot of the foods that he recommends for over a month now. He says up to 8 weeks to see improvement. I'm not sure if it's working or not.
  8. Not sure that any cream can help this... some bodies are just prone to cellulite. I am enjoying hearing others stories and info
  9. Unfortunately the creams don't work. Some with caffeine can temporarily shrink the tissues...very minimally though.
    Only diet and excercise can help...but not cure it:sad: .
  10. I just bought a red flower coffee lemon stone scrub, $65, from beauty.com because coffee is good for this problem. Be warned, this makes your tub messy, so I wouldn't use more than once a week, maybe on the Sunday you plan to clean your tub? At $65, it's certainly not an everyday product for me anyway. It is a large jar, though. It smells really unique, feels like real sand and oil in the very best way and is a real spa feeling product. Anywho, I'm using this along with the bliss circulation stimulator tool (it's a circle with pebbly things and handle, also available on drugstore/beauty.com) and then when I get out of the shower, I use the circulation tool again with nivea reshaping treatment (try to use everyday, cheap). I do these things after workout (try treadmill on high hill setting or ellipser with wide stride). The Clarins stuff scares me because I actually feel something on my skin when I use it. It's not painful, it might mean it's working, but I'm just using the samples I already started and then I'm done. What I have from Clarins is from stomach and waist, I guess it's not the cellulite specific one, I gave that away. I used to use the diorsculpt about 10 years ago and I really liked it. However, I was 20 then and since I don't really have a terrible cellulite problem now, I don't see how I had much of anything then. LOL
    Finally, for the thrift concious... register at e b a t e s.com (please note that this is showing as stars everywhere else. you may want to check with others to make sure I didn't make a mistake in signing up for this... it seemed legit through my checking, but now I'm scared since TPF is ***-ing it....) before going to beauty.com to make your purchase. This way, you get 8% back on the purchase. Also register at drugstore/beauty.com so that you can get 5% drugstore/beauty.com credit back on top of that. Currently, you can get $10 off order of $100 or more and a free cleo vanilla shower cream as well (this smells really, really good, like philosophy, but better and better lather, made in Italy.... i'm buying more and it's CHEAP.) These sites always have special freebies with purchase too and free shipping over $50ish. To get you started if you want to try this my way you can sign up for ****** (this ties up to my account as a referral):


    I'm new to ******, but I couldn't live without my account at drugstore/beauty.com

    my other favorites available there are:
    tarte cheek stain in flush
    burt's bees coconut foot cream
    burt's bees pore refining mask
    dickinson's witch hazel astringent
    mrs. meyer's lavendar laundry detergent
    clarisonic skincare brush (I just ordered a dermastyle acne light pen too. I don't really have problem skin, but I don't want occasional problems either)
    kerastase age recharger mask
    murad pomegranate moisturizer
    urban decay marshmallow & chocolate sparkly powders
    smiths rosebud salve
    I'm going to stop... I could go on... I'm all about establishing my favorites lately so that I don't spend money on things I don't want. Good luck! I hope that you find something that suits you. I think you need a combination of workout and massage with something like what I described above.
  11. None of those I bought ever worked lol. What a rip off.
  12. WASTE of $$$....all of them:shame:
  13. I watched 2 shows today, one was testing tanners, and the other cellulite-busters.
    Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Gel (£9.99) was a winner, and Neutrogena's gradual tanner Glow Body Moisturiser £5.99 was the best.
    These were tested against St. Tropez, CD, Sisley. Anyway just to let you know in case anyone's looking for these products :smile:
  14. Thank you for the info! I am always looking for good cellulite creams around this time of year. Go figure!
  15. Yes, I was thinking of trying the nivea one. Can't hurt, right? Thanks!