Favorite Celeb Style

  1. Which celebrity's style do you love?

    I personally like Jessica Alba's because it's quite timeless. She always looks pulled together without trying too hard.


    Though... I wouldn't mind looking through the closets of Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie also... :whistle:
  2. ^^ i like her style.. but the ultimate style icon is VB IMO!
  3. kate moss
  4. I would say Kate Moss too.
  5. I third Kate Moss. She always looks great, and I love that some of her clothing is at first unidentifiable... that screams 'style' to me.
  6. Angelina Jolie. She's gorgeous, intelligent, and stylish. I think she's going to age well too.
  7. Halle Berry, Gabriel Union, Posh Beckham, Kelis, Eva Mendes, and Eva Longoria. I also like Gwen Stefani.
  8. Gwenyth Paltrow
    Sarah Jessica Parker
  9. It's between these 3

    J Lo when she was w/ Diddy
    Lauren Hill when she was w/ the fugees
  10. I like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss + Jessica Simpson has hit the nail on the head a few times too !
  11. Okay, this may sound kind of preteen-ish but I love Ashley Tisdale's style. I also love Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba's styles as well.
  12. Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker
  13. ok well id have to say eva mendes and mischa...eva is my night mischa is my day!
  14. I'm a fan of Jessica Alba's style.
  15. I like Gwyneth Paltrow(overall look), Diane Kruger(stunning in Chanel couture), Jennifer Connelly(her black, understated dresses), Nicole Kidman(so many to choose from!), and Tilda Swinton(looks great in Alexander McQueen/Viktor and Rolf).