Favorite celeb outfits

  1. Point out your favorite celeb outfits...these are few of mine:heart: ..







    As you can tell i love jeans:P
  2. I love all the outfits you posted...they are all my style...except for the second LL one! =)
  3. Me also!!!!! Except for the 2nd one. Too much shine.
  4. Love them all...except for Nicky Hilton in the second to last pic. (I think that is Nicky...)
  5. I don't like the three of LL; too much boho, not enough chic. They're ok, but JUST ok. The last one of Nicky Hilton seems too plain for me. They second to last one isn't bad; get rid of those boots and put on some sexy stilletos and it'll be great. The one that I absolutely LOVE though is the one of SJP in Sex and the City! I loved that episode and this outfit seems to do boho chic the way it was supposed to be. Bravo Patricia Field!
  6. I love Gwen Stefani's fashion risks (and hair), Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Aniston. All have great wardrobes.
  7. Totally agreed. Gwen Stefani is AMAZING!
  8. just thought I'd post these...these are from People Mag best dressed:yes: ...I love all their styles! Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss :flowers:
    jennifer_aniston.jpg jessica_alba.jpg kate_moss.jpg
  9. some more!! Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson...
    chrisina_aguilera.jpg jessica_simpson.jpg jess_2.jpg
  10. Ajamesgrly love the outfits you posted especially Kate Moss's and Jessica Simpson's first one. Everyone keep posting...
  11. I like the way Jennifer Aniston dresses. She looks classy no matter what she wears. Just love her style.
  12. Some more...





  13. great thread!

    i love nicole richie: these are some of my fave outfits of hers.


  14. my fave is def. kate moss. she can pull anything