Favorite cashmere brands

  1. I have a bunch of cashmere sweaters and have noticed that some pill more than others and some just seem to wear better. I also tend to handwash my cashmere because I don't like how it feels after going to the dry cleaners a bunch of times - but some patterns/colors I do dry clean out of fear of color running or pattern wear, i.e. cable knits.

    Anyways I was wondering what brands of cashmere you all think are the best in terms of feel and wear? Is Lora Piana worth it? L. Pellat-Finet?

    I have some things from Neimans and some from J.Crew and honestly I don't see much of a difference. (Rumor has it J.Crew gets their cashmere from the same mills as Lora Piana).
  2. Malo makes great cashmere.

    So does TSE. It's not as expensive as Lora Piana or Lucien Pellat-Finet (though they do have quirky designs).
  3. I also recommend TSE.
  4. I have TSE and J Crew and love both...J Crew being cheaper of course...
  5. I have a number of Banana Republic cashmere sweaters that I have lasted me for years without much pilling!

  6. NOTHING beats Loro Piana when it comes to cashmere.:love:

    I think they supply lots of people from Armani to the no names with varying grades: I have a made-to-measure coat from a tailor in Savile Row (the street in London where men go and get their suits cut) and the material is Loro Piana wool/cashmere.

    When it gets colder next month, I’m looking to get a printed Nuvola (Italian for cloud) shawl – you cannot go better than this and since it’s so fine you can fold it up to make a scarf as well. I have an unprinted one and I can assure you it feels much better than an Hermès one. I’m not saying that because I don’t like Hermès but spacing between the silk and cashmere thread is finer and it’s warmer even though it is lighter. OK I’m going to admit that Hermès cashmere is pretty good so for your cashmere sweater I would also suggest Hermès as well (at least it's cheaper than Loro Piana whilst the quality is not that far off either).

    I think it is a little bit difficult to discern cashmere quality until it gets a bit older, the lower quality stuff gets the pilling which means that price-per-wear of the your good vs. bad sweater would be the same!

    Going off topic; if I didn’t have six coats already (more than this is ridiculous), I would like to have the Martin-Gala in a woman’s size and the Globe bag (in some candy colour like light raisin purple) is growing on me, it looks good in a no-name, subtle way.

    P.S. I think I’m past the age to wear Pellat Finet with skull symbol now :lol: (anyhow the nearest store to me is in Paris and that’s a bit too far away even by Eurostar, shh I'm just trying to find an excuse to deny that I'm old :lol: )
  7. I love BR cashmere sweaters too :yes:
  8. I love J. Crew for the fit and colors. They do not last well over time, but they are also cheap, so it's a wash. I basically treat them like t-shirts, buy them by the half-dozen and resign myself to re-stocking every couple of years, which is fine. I'd rather have six J. Crew sweaters than two $500 sweaters from a higher-end company that I then have to fret about every time I wear them.

    BR's quality is better, but not by much, and they don't have the wide selection of colors and shapes that J. Crew does.
  9. Here in Australia I like Hunter and House of Cashmere.
  10. I personally love juicy cashmere, I have a track suit and some sweaters and theyre so cute and comfy:yes:
  11. I have a lot of NM's inhouse cashmere line. Also Autumn Cashmere.
  12. james perse cashmere is gorgeous
  13. Pursegrrl does the NM cashmere hold up pretty well? Any pilling?
  14. in France it's Eric Bompard
  15. Yes, the NM holds up very well. I invest in cashmere that will hopefully last me 5 or 6 years or more. If there is any piling it's only after a few years and for me tends to be under the arms and along the side seams where my arms would rub. Those are placed I'd expect it and a light pull cleans them up.

    I like to wait until just at the end of the season when NM cashmere goes on sale. You can get it for a fraction of their regular prices. But when you invest for many years to come, it's still a good buy and classic at any price.