Favorite Carryon...

  1. I have been looking for a LV Carry on Bag, not an actual suitcase. There are so many sizes, any advice? What do you love as a carry on? Thanks!
  2. the Carryall :biggrin:
  3. Carryall or Keepall! :yes:
  4. Carryall is perfect although a bit bulky...I have both the caryall and the keepall 55 which is also perfect for the cabin of the plane...
    It all depends on you...both are perfect...
    But there are so many...cruiser, steamer, ribera gm, alma gm, greenwich...
    Lv is a luggage company after all...
    Good luck
  5. When I went on my honeymoon this past Sept. I used my Speedy 35 as a carry on and it worked great. I fit everything I needed to bring on the plane with me and it still fit under the seat (I don't like using the overhead compartments)
  6. I'm a fan of the mono Keepall 50 and the Damier Pegase 60.
  7. I use the Bourget City Bag when traveling for business and the Antigua Besace when traveling for pleasure.
  8. the Carryall!
  9. I have the Damier Greenwich PM and love it!
  10. i love my keepall 55 and i also have been looking at the alma voyager and thats an awesome one
  11. Thanks for all the advice!!!
  12. I like the mono Keepall 45. I use a black epi Keepall 45 too, but that's heavier than the mono so I prefer mono. Need a matching pegase now :p
  13. Damier Chelsea
  14. Don't own it but love the look of the mono carryall.:yes: