Favorite Candle Scent

  1. Isle of Skye candles winter warmer
    Pure candles sweet fig
  2. I recently branched out from my usual Diptyque Baies, Violette, and Chevrefeuille scents to try the Foin Coupe fragrance, and it's divine! Smells almost exactly like new-mown hay, light and fresh and a little sweet. A barn smell without the BARN smell, if you KWIM.
  3. My new favourite is BBW Snowday! I've gone through so many of them. Wish the 3-wick were still available online. The stores near me are all out of it too. :sad:
  4. Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works, hands down. I bought a bunch of them when they had that sale because I don't ever want to run out!
  5. Three new favorites that I am enjoying :smile:
    Bath and Bodyworks- Island Margarita
    Diptyque- Eucalyptus
    Kringle Candle- Tranquil Waters
  6. Anything citrus
  7. Jo Malone- Sweet Almond & Macaroon
  8. I prefer woody, mysterious scents:

    Voluspa Baltic Amber and Moso Bamboo
    Nest Wild Oats & Bourbon and Nest Moroccan Amber
    Anything Cire Trudon if I'm splurging
  9. I agree. I love Jo Malone's grapefruit candle. The Jonathan Adler grapefruit candle is also excellent and it's about half the price.
  10. In the spring I love Yankee candle Fresh Cut Roses and Lilac Blossom...soooo spring like! BTW Yankee just started their buy 2 get 2 FREE today...ends on March 9th...use code 2JARS :yahoo:
  11. Oh my gosh, Diptyque everything! My favourite is Baies and Mimosa :smile: I also love the limited edition Tokyo and Paris ones.
  12. +1
  13. Just discovered fig by Harry and David. Smells so good! I'd wear it as a perfume if I could.
  14. I love gardenia, but not found a candle that is true enough to the smell?
  15. At the moment I love Jo Malone's Green Tomato Leaf. I also love their limited edition Roasted Chestnut that they sometimes bring out around Christmastime.