Favorite BV colors and pics

May 27, 2007
What are your favorite BV colors and color combinations? I think each season BV's color palettes are so unique and yet coordinate well with each other. So many people here have such great taste and style, so I'd love to see your favorite BV colors and combinations (shoes, bags, leather goods, belts, etc.).

I'll start with mine--my favs from this season are carmino and ferro. I also love my limo campana with ebano, magnolia, pink/gold accessories.



Oct 1, 2006
Lovely pics OB! I also love carmino, ferro and brass from this season. I am lusting after your ferro flats :drool:

From past seasons I loved ottone, peltro, rust orange from fall 06 (?) and this bright purple from fall 04 or 05! :heart:

For classics, I adore ebano! Nero is quite pretty too. :girlsigh:

All the colors above compliment each other so well. I would love to see purple with ferro/peltro; carmino with ebano, ferro or brass; nero with peltro; rust orange with peltro/ferro :love:

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
ouija b, love the combo of Ferro flats and Carmino tote, absolutely stunning! And the H scarf aint bad either. ;)

I love my Limo Veneta with Ebano wallet and Quarzo pouch. Poudre and Ebano goes well too. Nero with Ottone/Brass would be equally stunning.