favorite brushes!

  1. share your timeold brushes here! what do you love to use for your eyes, blush, lips, etc!
  2. I love trish mcevoy brushes.
    for eyes I use mac and laura mercier brushes. in a couple of years i want to replace the lm brushes though.
  3. All MAC!!!
  4. I invested in good brushes by Trish Mcevoy, I also have a Chanel retractable bronzer brush that I take with me everywhere.
  5. Mostly Chanel brushes including a travel set for my purse. Also a great La Mer retractable for loose powder or bronzer.
  6. I love stila and mac brushes! I havent tried chanel ones yet....when I save up more $ I will!
  7. i am a brush whore. i have collected ones ranging from sonia kashuk (which aren't half bad, imo) to smashbox and chanel. i don't know why i keep buying brushes, since it's not like i'm in need of any more! there's just something about great brushes/great brush set that makes me wanna spend spend spend! argh.
  8. Sebastian Trucco.
    Purchased a complete set in 1985 and used them every single day to make my living, for 15 years plus, and they are still in awesome shape.
    The handles are a bit "worked and chipped, but the sable hairs are all fully intact on these brushes.
    These brushes are incredible and well worth every penny.:tup:
  9. Shu umera. I have tried just about everything, and these are the best!
  10. do you buy brushes from teh same company as that particular make up? like if you wear nars do you use a nars brush?
  11. I use the Chanel foundation and kabuki brush, and Trish McEvoy for my eyes.
  12. Love shu uemura brushes. very pricy but worth it.
  13. I use whole Chanel brushes and Shu Uemura