Favorite brands of sweats??

  1. Other than Juicy, I'm curious what everyone's favorite brands for sweats or hoodies are.
  2. I never the leave the house in them...but I love Calvin Klein, Life is Good, and lately Im loving the PINK ones by VS as long as they do not have writing across the bum. I love wearing this kind of thing around the house!
  3. I love VS sweats. They have great Velour suits on their website for the fall.
  4. I like VS too. I like ones with thick waistbands so they don't cut into you anywhere... and without anything tight at the bottom either because that bugs me. Sweats are supposed to be comfy!
  5. vs pink sweats are great. I'm a college student so I wear them a lot. There comfy and stylish, but I dont like the writing on the bum...lol
  6. i'm not big on vs, but i think vince makes some great sweats wear esp in the fall/winter seasons, nice enough to run on errands in them
  7. Someone has to keep them in business.
  8. I like lululemon. It is actually yoga/pilates clothes, but they fit well and can double as sweats. Much better quality (and much more flattering!) than Juicy. I don't mind venturing out in them. You can't order them online, but they do phone orders. They have a website that shows the styles though. The reverse groove pants are really flattering.
  9. I do have to say Juicy (I love to use the pants as pj pants) and Primp.
  10. you can't beat Juicy for comfort as well as being flattering! i love VS Pink pants, because hardly anyone has them here in the Uk, so i get loads of compliments! i also have some Harajuku Lovers sweats that are great for round the house.
  11. I love Free City by Ron Herman. They are the most comfortable sweats i've ever had!
  12. I :heart: Primp...super comfy!
  13. I pretty much only like Juicy because it flatters the body best. If you're going to work out, though, Nike makes the best workout clothes.
  14. lulus are my fav too! i agree much more flattering than juicy. my bf hates juicy, but loves me in lulus